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The Imagineering Story - Face-Projected Alice?


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Apologies if this has been answered before, but does anyone know if anything ever became of the Alice figure featured in The Imagineering Story? She’s looking bewildered in the background of certain shots, blinking, and making facial expressions. Is this figure able to be found in any of the Disney parks? All I can think of is Cali’s Alice ride, but I had thought she was a standard figure.


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I remember an old episode of the "Disney Dish Podcast With Jim Hill and Len Testa" mentioned about projected faces being added to a future update of the Alice In Wonderland ride at Disneyland.


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My understanding was that she was created for DL's Alice ride and was meant to be installed during the 2014 refurb, along with a face-projected Queen of Hearts figure, but that they were ultimately not pleased with the results and thus they were not installed. Or that they WERE installed, and then deinstalled before the ride came back up from its refurb because they weren't looking good in place. Not fully sure how it went down.

I like some of these projected-face figures, but I worry that for the wildly charming little Fantasyland Dark Rides they might be a little too . . . cold? Too tech-ish? I won't pretend they couldn't do better than the minimally animated figures those rides have, though *I* love them, but I wonder if the projected face is a step too far. Imagine the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Dwarf Animatronics in their Snow White's (Scary?) Adventures, I'm not sure it's a good fit. The figures in Shanghai's Peter Pan's Flight seem a little closer to what would suit DL's Fantasyland.

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