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The Imagineering Jam 2

Lizzy May Bee

Well-Known Member
Original Poster

Welcome all to The Second Ever Imagineering Jam!

Yeah that’s right I’m back again with another one of these, if you aren’t familiar with the way the last one worked, basically there’s only one open ended prompt that you’ll have about two weeks to make a project for. Once the time is up the public will have a couple weeks to vote on which project they liked the most, which will decide the winner. I will also announce my personal favorite project by then (which will decide the winner if there’s a tie).

Regarding the prompt, instead of there being a set task, you’ll instead have to abide by a theme and a limitation, which will be announced sometime on the 6th.

One last thing, Have Fun! There’s no obligations here and this is just meant to be a bit of fun!​

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