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The Imaginarium - Discussion Thread


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I think it looks horrible and makes no sense whatsoever. Jessica Rabbit isn't a detective and has never worn this unrevealing, overly bright outfit. It's just not who Jessica Rabbit is as a character. She uses her body to get what she wants. When is it going to end?
I’m not sure I agree with that extreme a sentiment, but I do agree that the changes are weird. Dressing her up like Dick Tracy is not only putting a band-aid on an admittedly out of date character, but also making the story of the ride pretty nonsensical.


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Jessica Rabbit's red dress is iconic and (I think) is the only thing she wore in the film. It's stupid to put her in anything else, unless it's for a cartoon short.

I know nowadays everyone creating movies and shows wants to make the woman the hero, but someone has to be saved. Just like in "Who Framed Roger", both her and Roger had to be saved by Eddie.


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Did you forget that she saved Eddie’s life?

Nope, I definitely didn't. She used her body and her brains to get things done. To put a coat on her (that she never wore) and act like she doesn't have a female body is just plain stupid.

Like Ellen Ripley and Princess Leia have shown you can still be a female... and a badass.

Lizzy May Bee

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I know I haven’t been active in this thread for a bit, but I’ll give my two cents about the Jessica Rabbit thing. I think the detective outfit is ridiculous, but I also think Jessica Rabbit is a character who at least has “design problems”.

The coat is a cheap attempt to make Jessica Rabbit work in the modern day, when if she’s to be included in modern works, a lot more creativity could be put into her character.

Now for the sake of a theme park ride where there’s not much room for exploring characters, the alternate appearance works fine. But if this was say, a sequel to the original movie, I think a somewhat meta-contextual approach to her already existing attributes is the way to go.

I’m not gonna write a film script just for the sake of demonstration, but perhaps you go for an examination of what it means to have a character who ”uses her feminine wiles“, and what leads to characters like that (obviously using metaphors and what not).

For some final points: 1. “It’s a cartoon, why so deep?”. Roger Rabbit is a relatively mature movie for something with Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes in it. In my opinion, the only way to make a worthwhile piece of RR media in this day and age is something along these lines.

2. “Why change pre-existing characters?”. If you really want a sequel where a character has nothing added to their personality, a sequel that’s a clone of a decades old movie, then you can have that. But even removing this point from the overall discussion, that just sounds uninteresting to me.

Anyways I realize that nobody really wanted to hear a mini-analysis of a movie and beyond. But I just felt I’d say something about this.
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In the Parks
Well done Team Breakfast! I can see a lot of Disney fans and SoCal teens enjoying the new land. Murphy's Mine was a real interesting take on the Tower of Terror ride system.
Thank you! This was a really fun project. Everyone on the team made some fantastic contributions and this round had some of the best teamwork I’ve seen for this whole competition.
P.S. You have one bad link at the bottom of Stonecraft Grove.
What bad link? :angelic:


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