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The House Cup: An Imagineering Competition


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spacemt354 said:
For the mini-challenges - the Top 14 ("must sees") are:......*drumroll*......
spacemt354 said:
1 - 17 votes - Design a new ride vehicle for any Disney attraction ---- from @David2319
2 - 16 votes - Re-design the Peoplemover with dark ride scenes ---- from @David2319
3 - 15 votes - Add a new show to replace the Circle of Life in the Land Pavilion ---- from @David2319 (wow...you are crushing it:p)

Of course I am. :happy:


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Also, Houses.


You have 24 hours to decide your due date! :D

Friday April 29th at 12:00 AM EST, 12PM EST
Saturday April 30th at 12:00 AM EST, 12PM EST
Sunday May 1st at 12:00 AM EST, 12PM EST

In case we aren't on tomorrow morning...Gryffindor votes for Friday April 29th at 12:00AM EST/9:00PM PST

Also sidenote - Red is being nice to you all:D...I originally planned for it to be due only on Friday the 29th and instead she's giving everyone options:bookworm:

How kind of the Sorting Hat:p




Welcome to your first Bertie Bott Challenge (AKA mini-challenge) in The House Cup everyone! :D For the first challenge, we are going to take the most popular challenge concept to get everyone settled, and then afterwards, they will be chosen by a random generator.

A few things to clarify before we begin:

- These challenges will be individual, but the points will go towards your House's total

- Originally when the Bertie Bott challenge rules were set, we were assuming 16 people total were signing up. To make it easier on not only the contestants, but also on the judges as well, only 4 people out of 7 on each House will be allowed to submit projects, just work out who will submit them. So if people in your House wish to submit projects, work it out among your teammates, so you know who is going to do it. :D

- And also as a reminder --- these challenges are optional. The main challenges are worth much more than these challenges point wise.

- Reviews for the mini-challenges will not come until after the main challenge for each "year" is due...so the day after there will be one giant review day - just so you all know in advance!

Mini-Challenge Points Scale
The winner of these challenges will receive 15 points for their House.

2nd place receives 10 points

3rd place receives 5 points

And any other participate who enters with the requirements will receive 2 points for their contribution.

With all of that out of the way (and any questions please feel free to ask) let's get to the first challenge, with thanks to @David2319 for its creation which is:

For any existing Disney attraction around the globe, design a new ride vehicle for that attraction. Your focus should be on what the ride vehicle will be and how it will be incorporated to possibly change the attraction experience.

You must have five sentences (no over/under) for this mini-challenge, and a maximum of two images. It also must be posted to the main thread (So no websites, Houses).

Good Luck! :DThis challenge is due Thursday April 21st at 11:59 PM EST

Tony the Tigger

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Official mini-challenge entry:

For the potentially newly renamed "Disney Cars Speedway," a natural to straddle both Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, the decidedly non-futuristic gas-powered vehicles will be replaced with electric Cars. This would fit better with Disney's overall themes of conservation and innovation, and eliminate the need to pay Speedway cast members an extra 20 cents per hour for working in a hazardous environment. Each vehicle will be designed to represent a character from the popular Disney/Pixar Cars franchise that participated in the racing scenes. The interior will have a screen with interactive capabilities, such as welcoming guests who wear MagicBands by name, and recognizing other character cars as they pass in nearby lanes and communicating with them via pre-recorded messages by the original stars. This would include a new loading/pit-stop area featuring Mater and other non-racing friends offering words of encouragement to your particular character vehicle and "plugging in" your vehicle to drive the point home that it is powered by electricity.



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Fantastic Vehicles and Where to Find Them Submission - For Gryffindor!:D

Monsters Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue is a dark ride at Disney California Adventure Park that over the years has not lived up to some other classic Disney dark rides, and therefore in 2022, will receive a full makeover and the long anticipated arrival of the "door coaster" vehicles.

To facilitate this change, the interior has been gutted and replaced with Disney's first ever inverted family coaster. As seen in the blueprint above, the ride vehicle itself hangs below the track and seats 2 riders per door, equipped with on-board audio of Mike and Sulley guiding you through the door factory to find Boo's door. The ride vehicles also have "swinging" capabilities, where your doors can swing out at a 23 degree angle, creating a more thrilling adventure on banked drops and turns.

Overall, the door coaster ride vehicles "plus" the attraction from a generic dark ride experience to something that excites visitors, adds a family coaster to DCA, and also could lead to a potential Monstropolis miniland down the line as DCA gears more towards Pixar and Marvel as staples of the park.


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Fantastic Vehicle's and Where to Find Them Official Submission:

The attraction vehicle I will be replacing is Test Track in Epcot. Instead of the regular seating they have now, I feel like we could make this ride an actual race like the radiator spring racers, so what's my idea? Instead of having one car, we have five Chevrolet cars, and these five all seat up to five people; they can be single seated(like space mountain in the magic kingdom). This lets the wait time be shorter, still have the main idea of the attraction itself, while still adding a competition effect to the attraction, by doing this, we can create five different tracks, and depending on the speed of the car the "team"(referring to five people in one car) choses before riding what car they would like(either 1,2,3,4, or 5) not knowing how fast the speed is or who is going to win at the end. Overall, this changes the seating, vehicle style, and effect the ride has on the guest, while not just riding at 60 miles per hour(or less here and there, depending on what the team would chose), but also having the ability to be competitive.


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RMichael21 Presents...
In association with the Hufflepuff House...

The Great Movie Ride


In partnership with Turner Classic Movies, The Great Movie Ride will receive a complete re-imagining in 2018 as part of the top to bottom overhaul of Disney's Hollywood Studios, which will in introduce brand new scenes, effects and animatronics to the ride.

Due to the ride possessing quite boring and plain vehicles, the cars will receive a complete redo, to evoke the style of classic movie premieres, (almost stuck in the old-fashioned mindset that when one goes out to the movies one gets dressed up for a night at the cinema). The vehicles will be riddled with many hidden details such as film reels worked into the design, plush red velvet seats and an LED piece on the back of the vehicles that changes color: personifying the mood/tone displayed in any particular scene.

In addition, the attraction will be converted into a trackless ride, so groups of four vehicles at a time will experience the attraction together, but can spin, turn, intertwine and interact, not only improving the ride experience and increasing kinetic energy between riders and separate vehicles, but controlling the direction that the rider is looking at. Finally, the new fleet of vehicles will feature double the cars and each car can seat 4 rows of 4 guests, meaning its capacity is retained while still offering a unique and magical time at the movies.​


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Fantastic Vehicles and Where To Find Them:
@IAmNotAHufflepuff's Submission:

With Journey Into Imagination set to have a massive makeover (restoring the Dreamfinder and Figment theme) in 2020, Imagineering has decided to design new, more imaginative ride vehicles for the restored attraction. And tell me, what's more imaginative than flying? ;)

Picture this, but changed to become a ride vehicle.

The Omnimover cars have been completely swapped out with "Dreamcatchers", looking straight from the original attraction , held up by an unseen mini-KUKA like arm. The new arm allows the vehicles to make gentle movements, like swaying back and forth, rising up and down, and maybe even spinning around at one point.

Hopefully, with the revolutionary ride vehicle and the resorted presence of the original attraction's charm, the new Journey into Imagination is sure to be a success! :D
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Walk-Tronixs will be a new ride system using the most advanced AudioAnimatronics ever used in a new way ever seen before.

Imagine riding in the cart of an AA pack mule. How would this pack mule move it's feet? Under the ground, diagram above is placed in a track. The big orange wheels turns on the track and also turns the red one. The red one is connected to the grey rod, which in turn moves in a circular motion, simulating the movement of legs. Attach a cart to the back with seats, and you've got an attraction.

Ideally, this ride was made for Dinosaurs, but it is a very flexible design. So, the vehicle will be located in a new second route on the Jungle Cruise, where guests ride in a cart behind an elephant AA pulling it.

Hope you enjoyed!


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My new ride vehicle will give some Disney love to a classic attraction: Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel. With so many classic Disney horses to pick from why not invite children and children at heart to hop aboard some colorful characters they know well and dear rather than tired horses that can be found in any theme park or mall across America? Ride vehicles will be sculpted to look like a classic horse characters and can even be fitted with audio clips to add some more fun. This ride vehicle change will make this original attraction even more exciting while still retaining its classic charm. Headless horseman, anyone?


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Thanks to @DlpPhantom for creating this challenge!

For your next individual (and optional) mini-challenge, you will be tasked with designing an interactive queue for any Disney attraction around the world! You don't have to go into detail about the ride-through, only the queue as you approach the attraction and what changes you'd make to have it be more interactive. :D


Your proposal must have five sentences (no over/under) and a maximum of two images. No websites either, just like last time.

This project is due Monday April 25th at 11:59 PM EST Good Luck!:D
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