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Trip Report The Hotter Than Hades Birthday Trip

Hey guys...sorry I am super delayed in writing this and I am certain it will take me forever to write this one too! But....I do want to share it so here we go!

Back to the usual ....my Mom (Mary) and myself (Megan)

July 9 - 17, 2021

We stayed at the Yacht Club again :)

My 33rd Birthday - and it was hot out.....:hilarious: Also - I barely took my camera out so most of these photos are my from my phone. Sorry in advance :)

Day 1 July 9 2021
We got up at 3 am (😩), got ready and headed to the airport. My Mom stayed at my house so we could just drive together and not wake my Dad up :)
We got to the airport around 3:45 am and we were stuck in the Southwest line for forever because everyone forgot how to pack a suitcase, check in, take out a passport, etc etc.
Anyway - we eventually made it through security and to our gate.
Time for our usual date sign!


Airport living...

We were in row 2 on the plane!

We actually had a layover in Chicago which was super annoying. It was essentially the same distance from Chicago to Orlando as it is from Buffalo to Orlando so it was an extra 1.5 hour flight for the same distance essentially :banghead:
Obviously it could not be helped as Southwest added this layover after I booked and there were no other options but we still complained :joyfull:
There was barely anything open at Midway to eat so we got some donuts. I only took a photo of one of them apparently. Off to a great start :hilarious:

It was stale so would not recommend :joyfull:
Anyway eventually we got on our second plane
Magic Band twins!

We made it finally!

Fonorail photos!



Next up: Day 1 continued

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Day 1 continued
Down to the luggage...sigh I miss the luggage pick up so much !

Our luggage came out SO fast! It was insane! We hired a car service again and much to our dismay it was the same annoying driver we had last time...Donald. He thought we requested him again 😒 If you do not recall from my last TR this guy loves to do Donald Duck impressions.
Anyway....here we are waiting for him to pull up the car.



I got a Happy Birthday song in a Donald Duck voice :rolleyes:
Anyway - we made it to the Yacht Club around 1 pm! Our room was actually already ready so we had someone bring our luggage up and we checked out the room quickly. They gave us a king bed which initially I was annoyed about but it worked out fine.
We headed down and hopped right on a bus to MK!

We headed right to Caseys for a snack! Also the first thing in my notes for MK is the word "hot." :joyfull:
We were excited it was back open and we were in desperate need for some caffeine ! We were lucky to get a table. We kind of stalked it.



We got some pop, cheese fries and chili cheese fries 😋

After our snack we took some purple wall photos....

Next up: more MK

Doc Disney

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Original Poster
Day 1 continued
The Peoplemover stopped quite a bit...

Enjoy this lovely selfie...


At some point we stopped for quite a bit of time....


Then I gleefully noticed that people were getting taken off the Peoplemover. WE WERE GETTING EVACUATED!
Everyone else was probably mad but we were thrilled...Disney Check!





We did get a Fast Pass out of the situation so to us that was just an added bonus!

Next up: more MK

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