News The Hall of Presidents opens in August with President Joe Biden


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I wish I had a dollar every time vloggers were mentioned on this forum. Why are y’all obsessed with them 😂
Agreed. I literally have no idea who practically every one of those folks are or their websites or whatever. And I feel like I’m pretty knowledgeable about the parks and the goings on. They are pretty easy to ignore if you y’know ignore them

"El Magnifico"

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I mean. Take the hat off. And we're in the ballpark. (Or put the hat on - and we're still there.)



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Honest observation: I find it interesting that Disney actually has to confirm that Trump will be placed among the other Presidents. I mean, he was President. Why the need to confirm that he’s still there?
I assumed Disney was informing the public that Former President Trump was being repositioned from the spot occupied by the current President. I found it not at all interesting.

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