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The Great Movie Ride: Final Show!


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Yesterday after many hours of driving and lots of anticipation, my family and I arrived at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Thanks to the wonderful Disney customer service, we were given a Multiple Experience fastpass so we could bypass the 100+ minute line for The Great Movie Ride. I brought my Sony a6000 and decided to record it. Below I will leave the link to the video so fellow fans of this ride can re-live it over and over again.

I'm so sad they closed the Great Movie Ride. Without the great movie ride there would be no Hollywood studios because Michael Eisner came up with the idea for the ride and was going to make a Hollywood themed pavilion in Epcot then he decided to rival Universal Studios and turned it into a whole park. The Great Movie Ride has a lot of sentimental value for me and plenty of other people, they shouldn't have just closed it with such short notice especially for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway, the name is as unappealing as the animation in the Mickey Mouse shorts. Again, I am not happy what so ever.


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I totally understand what you're saying. Disney usually doesn't fail so hopefully this Mickey and Minnie ride will be a good predecessor or else they'll probably hear it haha.


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This is a result of not having passion for your product and understanding your customer base. I understand that things must move on but there are about a hundred ways to keep this ride fresh and appealing to old and new customers. I'm sure the new ride will be good but it can't fill the void. Tgmr is a classic that deserved better. It's water under the bridge now. The most bizarre is closing a ride like that when DHS is so short on rides.