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The Grand Floridian worth it?

mrs moon

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How do all you expert Disney folk feel about the GF? Is it worth the big bucks or just not fantastic enough for someone that saves hard to pay that price?...in other words is my dream of staying there going to live up?


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You will probably get a lot of mixed opinions on this. I personally do not care for the Floridian, just not my style. If you love the time period and architecture than it may be worth it to you. If you really save hard and for many years for one trip, than I don't feel any deluxe or even any moderate has a price to value that would be worth it unless the resort was the main reason you are going to Disney. So you have to determine if you want to spend that much more money on the resort and less elsewhere or could you get your fill of the resort by spending a few hours visiting and doing a meal or maybe tea time here and putting more money on other things.


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I am a 10 yr DVC owner. I have stayed at WDW at least 30 times in these past ten years. I had my first stay at the DVC villas at Grand Floridian this past year. The room was spectacular. It was nice being on the monorail. I was able to watch the fireworks one night from Gasparilla Grill. The resort has some rooms with good views of the MK. But if you look at the site map, those rooms are fewer than one would imagine. The restaurants are premier. The campus is gorgeous but spread out. I always wanted to stay there and felt like a millionaire while I was there. But here are some of the cons from that stay. My PREMIUM view? The ferry launch at the ticket and transportation center. ( if you craned your neck far left, you could see Space Mountain.) Did I see fireworks from the room? No.
My answer, if you go to WDW all the time and want to be pampered, it’s a great place.
Let me end with this. I’ve never stayed at Polynesian. Gonna in March. What I find interesting is that I never, and I mean never, hear anything bad about Poly. My good friends went to WDW for the first time in their 30s and stayed at Poly. They loved the resort as much as the parks. My wife belongs to a web site devoted to doctors obsessed with WDW. They all write about their trips to poly or how part of their stays include Poly. That’s not the case with Grand Floridian.


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"Worth" is as subjective as any conversation can get.

I love the GF. It's a beautiful hotel with great amenities. The atmosphere is very fancy. I love Pop Century too. Different reasons for each.

I have the good fortune that the cost isn't a critical factor. I can afford to stay where I choose. After many trips, I've managed to stay at all but dedicated DVC resorts and Coronado Springs, I've enjoyed all of the resorts. I now tend to stay at one of three hotels: Beach Club, POFQ or Pop Century. GF is nice, but the limited number of rooms with decent views is the biggest drawback. Beach Club gets the nod when I'm going deluxe because it's stumbling-distance from EPCOT. Most trips I stay at POFQ because it's "quaint" and beignets. If I'm going solo I'll often stay at Pop.

If I were saving up for a special trip, I'd probably edge toward a Moderate resort, amenities are better, but not fancy. The beds are better, but not luxurious. Having more available for souvenirs and treats, maybe a guided tour would be a better use of limited resources. At least IMO.


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Worth it...no. nice to stay there...yes.
Personally, I would never pay to stay at a deluxe resort. POFQ..is IMHO a deluxe resort. We love it. We do visit the deluxe resorts though.
But, on average, its at least 1000 more for a 7 day trip to go deluxe. 1000 is a lot of money to spend on other things.
We almost always stay at the values. After all, all the resorts look the same when you are asleep. And the other times, we are in the parks.
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IMO, the experience there is worth the premium paid in relation to other deluxe resorts. That said, if the decor isn't your thing, what's the point? Not our favorite resort as we much prefer the theme at the Poly or WL. The primary draw for Disney resorts isn't world-class service and amenities, it's an experience you can't get elsewhere. The other thing to keep in mind is that discounts for GF are generally among the deepest and most available of any of the MK resorts.


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If your dream is to stay at the GF and you can afford it then by all means do it. As somebody who loves the vibes and look/feel of the hotel I wouldn't say it is an experience above and beyond other deluxes (or even similar luxury hotels elsewhere) but it is a stunning and luxurious-seeming hotel that you would not soon forget. That being said I would not spend more at GF than I would for other deluxes, and there's little value in staying on-site anyway.

The "is this deluxe worth it?" threads come up frequently and the consensus of many of those threads is that staying at deluxes in the eye of the beholder. Will you get dollar for dollar value? Most definitely not. Will you get luxury and convenience that you would not find at other on-site non-deluxe hotels? Absolutely. If you're going to spend a lot of time at the Magic Kingdom, being 5 to 10 minutes from the gates is a nice perk. It feels more private than the Contemporary, and avoiding many of the buses, self parking, and throngs is worth the price for some folks.


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It likely is overpriced, but it's so classically Disney. If it's something you've always wanted to do, do it. You only live once.

If you nix the idea, at a minimum, at least do a dinner there.


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We haven't stayed at GF. We did do CR and Poly on SSL. We did a sponsored tour of GF and decided that for our family, it did not offer us enough other perks (i.e. walk to park or close to TTC/EPCOT monorail). However, if it is on your wish list, would a one night stay scratch that itch? May be a way to avoid a "woulda, coulda, shoulda" regret later in your life. Have a fun stay, wherever you choose.


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"Worth it" is hard bc I'm sure it's an amazing experience but imo a room in the $600s a night (for the cheapest room in value season) is a lot. The rooms themselves are the same sizes as standard hotel rooms aren't they? The decor and location are great and I get it, it's in WDW lol, but you can get so many other great rooms for so much less. I'm fairly young so maybe one day I'll stay at The GF but until then, I would rather save the money and use it towards tickets and food. There's so much to do in Orlando that 1) every day is expensive and 2) I don't spend much time at the hotel anyway.

JillC LI

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On my most recent trip it was "worth it" to me to stay at a Deluxe (Boardwalk) because I really wanted to try it once and because I wanted to be walking distance from 2 parks during peak crowd season. It was a choice well made. Would it be "worth it" to me to do that again? Probably not. Only you can make the cost-benefit calculation.


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We love staying at deluxes as the experience at our resort is an integral part of our vacation, so yes the GF is worth it to us. However if you’re the type of person that spends limited time at the resort and wants to be in the park all day then no.
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I love the Grand Floridian so my answer is it's absolutely worth the price, but we go during the very hot weather so we spend time at the resorts.
I love the bathrooms, lol the tub alone was heaven.
The restaurants are great and the pool is great also.
Now I no longer buy trinkets so if I'm going to blow a wad of cash, I definitely rather do it on my accommodations


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Imho, no. We've stayed in almost every building including Sugar Loaf and even with concierge service , it's not worth the price. If you want a great room stay at the Four Seasons. The location might be great, but unless you drive , Minnie Van, or take a launch you're the last stop for Monorail or Bus service. Dining at Narcoses or 1900 is great, but Citricos is not.


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Never stayed there but have been many times for meals, and each time we're there, we always say...we have no interest in staying there. Love the architecture. It just feels too sterile and fancy for us. We're lucky enough to be able to splurge for the Yacht Club just about each trip for the last few years. From what I've seen if I'm splurging it's for Yacht and Beach to be able to walk into Epcot and have that amazing pool complex or the Polynesian for it's beauty, atmosphere and view of the lagoon, etc. But, my wife and I and a few friends that we always travel with all say that none of us have any interest in staying at the GF. We'd rather splurge elsewhere.
Just our opinion.


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Years ago, I walked through the lobby of the GF & thought 'this is wayyyy too upscale for me'.

Then I stayed there & my mind was changed. Maybe my tastes have changed over the years?

Either way, I do enjoy staying there.


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Love the Grand Floridan. I have found that if you are looking for discounted Room Only packages, the discounts at the GF make it the least expensive of the monorail resorts. If you're an AP member the discounts are even greater. I've stayed there club level for cheaper than a standard discounted room at the Poly or Contemporary.


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It is, of course a matter of taste.
It is my DW favorite resort. She loves the “Some like it Hot” Old time Florida resort era. When my DS was, 6 years old we toured different resorts and I asked him what he thought theme was for each. He said Wilderness Lodge was about “cowboys and Indians”, The Polynesian was “Hawaii” and the Grand Floridian was the “rich people.”
I think it is a nice resort, on the monorail, but not worth the money. I prefer the Contemporary, which screams Walt Disney to me, but I digress.
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