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You know how people always say that for Soarin' and TT, you should get a fastpass for one and run to the other? Well, if I were you, I would get a fastpass for Soarin' and get in the standby for TT. Why? Then you are able to spend more time building your car, as the fastpassers for TT have less time to build their car.


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I agree. We pre-reserved a Soarin' FP for the evening and then headed directly to Test Track at rope drop. Our design/wait/ride time was still about 25 minutes, but the kids really enjoyed designing their car (even though my son confessed that he didn't understand what it had to do with the ride, and my daughter wept when she saw our ride vehicle and realized it wasn't the car she'd been designing). Afterwards, we were perfectly positioned to hit Mission:Space, Sum of All Thrills/Innoventions and Club Cool, and then be ready and waiting to begin our World Showcase tour in Mexico the moment it opened.

(FWIW, then we toured World Showcase, with the Gran Fiesta boat tour, Maelstrom, American Adventure, lunch at the Tangeriene Cafe and Impressions de France. After a 3-hour nap/swim break, we returned in the evening and did Imagination, Living with the Land, Soarin' w/FP+, dinner at the Coral Reef, the Seas with Nemo, Turtle Talk, and Spaceship Earth again. We left before 9:00pm, and with the exception of Test Track, never waited more than 5 minutes for anything.) :)


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I don't do rope drop:cautious:. The earliest I've ever been in a park was last trip when we got to MK at 9:20. I see the appeal since all the lines were short, and this was before paper FPs were gone completely (but resort guests were on MBs and FP+, but we had paper tickets plus MBs, so we went for paper at MK and FP+ at Epcot) so we rushed in, grabbed FPs, rode stuff, grabbed more, and did everything we wanted to do and were headed to Epcot by 1 pm. I see the appeal, Too early. I'm a night owl.

We usually head to Epcot in the afternoon. Don't like Test Track, so maybe once we'll use the DAS and ride it (my younger brother has autism and likes the new Test Track. The rest of us disagree.) We usually alternate between watching Illuminations and Soarin' since we spend the majority of evenings at Epcot. When I come in midday, like I usually do in August after spending the morning in the pool, I usually wander into Future World, do a few things (Captain EO, Living with the Land, Nemo, Spaceship Earth, etc.) and then walk around World Showcase. Then I either get a FP for Soarin' or hit it at the end of the night.
I haven't been to WDW since 2011 so I can't comment on the new FP+. But the first thing we always do in Epcot is Spaceship Earth because there's never a line for it when you get there at rope drop. Since the wait and the ride aren't too long, we're usually able to do Test Track and then go over to Soarin' with not too much waiting time.
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With the new FP+ we've been using that for Soarin and heading right to Test Track. The line for Test Track is almost always shorter whenever you're there, plus there's always single rider if your party doesn't mind being split up!

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This past trip we had a Soarin Fast Pass then headed straight for Test Track at Rope Drop. It worked out so well we waited only about 15 minutes and had time to design our car. I had only ever gone through Fast Pass for Test Track so never had the experience of building my own car before. I think that was one of the best parts! Especially competing with my family for who had the best design and who overall won! Definitely worth not using a Fast Pass but getting there early enough to head straight to Test Track.


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This is a loaded question with endless answers. Everyone's "first thing to do" list will be different.

As for the OP, everyone has the same amount of time to "build your car".

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