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The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter


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Now a past attraction:cry: , what were all your thoughts and feelings on it? Feel free to post them here.

All I have to say is this.


(yes, it has been edited to "one of the best attractions ever," because nothing can beat the almighty Splash Mountain and a few others)

General Grizz

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I wouldn't say it's the best attraction. . . but I will miss Skippy!

Bon Voyage!


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Alien Encounter... definatly not the best thing Disney's ever come up with. Well, it was better than Sounds Dangerous.

Hope Stitch is better. Can'te get much worse IMO.


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Until I figured out what was going on in the ride, it scared the snot out of me! My sister was clinging to my arm and she's 16!


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I always enjoyed Alien Encounter. I thought it was a little timid, but the story was neat, the presentation was great, and the actors were awesome. And SIR and Skippy were works of animatronic genius. Hopefully they'll turn up somewhere in the new attraction.


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It was sinister and evil, and I liked that.

It did not, however, have a large repeat value for me per trip. It was a once a vacation stop. Of course you regret that now.

My favorite thing was the goo that splatters you at the very end, and the thing that messes with your hair. My first tme, that was truly frightening.

And SIR moved amazingly.


All I can think to say is "Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya." I never liked this one. Glad it's gone.


I will miss Skippy's transformed-self licking my neck and breathing on me:cry:

But, I'm interrested to see how Stich does!:D


Well I loved this one, sad to see it go. I thought it could have been kept for longer. There always seemed to be plenty of people waiting in line. All I hope and pray is that they do a better job than they did in Epcot with JIY, even now that ride still sucks:mad:

Sir Hiss527

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I'll admit the ride was a little freaky to me. I wouldn't say one of the best attractions...though. I am really excited about Stitch coming...:wave:


I find that the attention to detail always seems to be lacking when they take an old ride and just re-hash it, as opposed to a complete new ride


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I thought this ride was fantastic, I will really miss it :( I just hope that Disney don't completely make a mess out of the whole Stich idea.


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I miss Alien Encounter, I was their for the final ride:( very emotional cast members after the show, it may not have been a roller coaster thrill ride but i think it delivered the magic even if it was a little dark
Why did they get rid of it to begin with. I thought it was great, but definetly wouldn't fit in the new, child oriented tommorrowland. Just another fantsy land now.


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I was disappointed to hear it leave. I thought the effects were great. The idea itself was great. The acting was great. I would say that my favorite part about the ride was the humor so cleverly mixed in. Such as "It's an alien! (It's my mother in law!)" Ok, maybe it was a little on the cheesy side, but it was a good relief from the dark, eerie side of the attraction.

I'm going with some college friends this summer, and I was disappointed when I heard they wouldn't get to experience the ride... oh well. I guess you can't win them all.


Not Exactly the BEST, but sure as hell, well worth keeping I mean cummon Lilo & Stitch isn't even the right theme for Tomorrow land!!!!!!!!


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I think what I'll miss about it isn't so much the ride, but the fact that it was one of those places I took my new girlfriend (our first date practically was disney world, on our high school band trip) and managed to scare her a huge amount. So the emotional distress isn't good, but the clinging is. At least we'll always have the RnR at MGM....


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So what if it scared kids? Stick `em on Dumbo! I only went on it twice - it certainly had repeat visit value for people like me who can only visit every 5 years or so... :-(
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