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I proposed to my wife in May of 2012 at the Magic Kingdom. Neither one of us are the "romantic" type or big on public displays, so I was aiming to make it a surprise for her. I want to relate the whole story, because I really like it, so forgive me for going on.
My wife and I had been talking about marriage, but I was applying to grad school and said I wanted to wait to see how that panned out. I found out in Feb of 2012 that I got in, so I began planning. Of course, I told my wife that I wanted to wait to see how money worked out while in school, which is completely in character for me, so she bought it. We already had the trip planned because we were going to do the Expedition Everest run.
By the time we arrived, I knew I was going to do it in the Magic Kingdom, but still had no specific plan. On top of that, I was nervous because I had the ring shipped to the hotel (the sales lady told me when I bought the ring that I would not have to pay sales tax if it was shipped out of state) and I was worried the front desk would call the room to say there was a package, which would get my wife wondering. Luckily, my wife was there for a conference, so while she was away, I went to the front desk and told them I was expecting a package from work, but had promised my wife I wouldn't work on vacation and asked that they not call the room. Well, that didn't work, but luckily I was there to intercept the call. Once I had it, then I was sweating leaving it in the room while we were out, so I was burying it in my dirty laundry.
On our first day in the MK, I was scouting for locations as we walked through. While my wife went on Space Mountain (not my cup of tea), I went and scouted out the Rose Garden area. I thought the photo spot along the path from the hub to Tomorrowland would be good, but the crowds were too much for us. I was still at a bit of a loss by the time she got off, so I kept looking.
Fast forward to our next to last day and I had ideas, but still didn't know exactly where to do it. It would be our last day in the MK, so I knew I had to do it then. I took the ring with me, but was worried it would fall out of my pocket, so I tied it to the drawstring inside my shorts and walked around all day with it there. It was EMH, so we were there a little later and it was less crowded, so I thought this would be my best chance to do it at the photospot between the hub and TL.
I wanted to ride Splash Mountain one last time, but my wife was cold, so she told me to go myself...which worked out well. After getting off the ride, I stopped on the way out. I pulled the ring out of my shorts and tied it into my shoelaces. She said she was tired, but I said I wanted to take a walk over to TL just to see if there was anything else I wanted to do. She went along with it and we walked past the spot once so I could scout the crowds. It was empty enough, so as we continued, I paused for a minute, moved my foot around, and told her I had rock in my shoe. Once we got to TL, I said I guess there wasn't really anything to do. On the way back to the hub, I suggested we get our picture taken. When it was our turn, my wife walked up to the spot, took her jacket off, and placed it on the little chain there. While she was doing that, I pretended to be showing the photopass person how to operate my cell phone camera while I was telling her I was going to propose. She needed a minute to get her camera ready, so as I was walking over to my wife, I shifted my ankle again and said I needed to get the rock out my shoe. And that got me down on one knee. I got the ring off my shoe and pretended to be messing around with it until the photographer was ready. Once ready, I looked up at my wife, who was busy looking at the castle, and proposed. She was completely surprised and the photographer captured the exact moment it clicked with her what was happening. We got a photo of her sucking all the air out the park! Needless to say, she LOVED that proposal. We went back last year (Oct 2013) while she was 25 weeks pregnant with our twins and got a picture in the same spot. Our plan is to try to get pics there everytime we go back now.
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my fiancé proposed to me just over 3 weeks ago in be our guest. it was pretty much perfect, and has made for a great story for the folks back home!


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I proposed to my fiancée in Epcot in the Canada pavilion overlooking the water fall while it was raining and we were in ponchos, it is a great start to our life and our next step is planning our Disney World Wedding hopefully for October of next year in the Wedding Pavilion :) Very Excited to be part of this club!!! :)


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I recently stumbled upon this link on Reddit... Not sure if the poster is on this forum, but after seeing the photos I totally love the idea of proposing in Disneyland or Disney World during MNSSHP so that the couple are all dressed up in their disney best! Super adorable photos (and an interesting story-starter haha)

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I am planning on doing it at Epcot on October 14 during the food and wine festival I am planning on a themed event similar to the Amazing Race show have it planned to do different task at each country in the World showcase hope it goes well and she accepts.....Will end in France at the Eiffle Tower will keep you posted only six days till our trip and only 9 days to event and then if she accepts special dinner at California Grill......details to follow later wish me luck


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I actually get to post on this thread now! :D:D:D:D

My fiance and I are both local in Orlando area, so we took a long weekend to stay at POFQ and go to MNSSHP back in September (we also used the weekend to go ride Backlot one last time as that was where the fiance worked for 4 years)... so, while at the party, this happened:

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According to legend, originally there was no back story to the Haunted Mansion, it was just meant to be a spooky ride. Walt's idea was that your own imagination was scary enough and there did not need to be a specific story line. Through the years various stories and theories were conjured up by park guests as to just what was going on in this Mansion and one of my most beloved stories was about a boy and a pretty, young girl. The outside queue area of the Mansion used to consist of pipes in the ground with chains attached to guide guests around in an orderly line. At some point one of those metal pipes was removed and because it was embedded in the concrete it was just sawed off level with the ground. What was left behind looked almost like an engagement ring forever embedded in the ground and the following story proved Walt's theory that one’s own imagination is better than anything he could come up with...

"Master Gracey was the owner of the Mansion who traveled the world. After years of lonely wandering, he finally met a pretty young girl named Constance whom he fell in love with and wanted to propose. Master Gracey planned an elaborate party for her and all of the townspeople and opened his home in anticipation of his surprise proposal to the love of his life. During the day’s festivities a game of "hide and seek" was suggested and as the guests all ran to hide in their places young Constance found the perfect spot! In the attic a large wooden trunk with a very heavy lid would be perfect and no one would ever find her there. She lifted the lid and struggled to climb in. As she was almost in, her hand slipped and the lid fell, hitting her in the head and knocking her unconscious. As she slumped forward the lid slammed shut; locking her inside. For hours and hours Master Gracey and his guests searched in desperation for his love, finally finding her cold, lifeless body locked in the trunk in the attic. Master Gracey was beside himself with grief. He had her body placed in a horse drawn carriage to be brought to the cemetery. As Master Gracey held his love's hand for what was going to be the last time, he pulled from his pocket the engagement ring he had intended to give her the day she died. As he was about to slip it onto her finger something spooked the horse, and it reared upright, terrified! Her engagement ring fell and was stomped into the pavement by the horses hooves and the carriage along with Master Graceys bride-to-be bolted into the night. The next day, the carriage was found outside the cemetery, but the horse, driver, and corpse were nowhere to be found. Master Gracey was so grief stricken, he went back to the mansion, and hung himself. Young Constances ring is still to this day embedded in the ground outside of the Mansion"

My plans to include all the family I could in our trip to the Magic Kingdom in 2012 and make them unwittingly play a part in my surprise proposal hinged on that story. As we wound our way through the park I gathered everyone around in the queue area of mine and Alicia’s (my wife) favorite ride and told them that same story. I explained that her ring is still here and we all have to try to look for it and find it! My nephews and our beautiful daughter (ages 7,6 and 5) were of course the quickest to run off looking for the ring.

And then, it was found and one by one the kids tried their hardest to pull it from the ground. Layla (our daughter) tried with all her might and finally I asked if I could try. I dropped to one knee........reached down.........and pulled up the ring from the ground to the shock and amazement of everyone around. I then placed that ring on MY pretty young girls hand and asked her to be my wife.



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My partner and I have been together 12 years this past August. Prior to our annual February trip this year, he contacted the hotel manager at The Wilderness Lodge (where we always stay) and told him he intended to propose to me and asked for some suggestions on a special way to do it. Well, in typical Disney fashion, he got a lot more than suggestions. The manager arranged for an elaborate scheme to be concocted where we would be greeted upon arrival and told that we were randomly chosen to be "The Family of The Day". This meant that, not only we were upgraded for free to Club Level, but we were given 3 additional Fast Passes to any park and also an escorted viewing of Wishes from the roof of the hotel! I was so excited!! And so gullible! LOL That night, 2 absolutely wonderful hotel employees (one of them was a dead ringer for Bette Midler!! haha) brought us up to the roof. In hindsight, everyone seemed a little nervous. haha But I still didn't suspect a thing until the fireworks started and my boyfriend handed them the camera and said "Ok, I'm ready". From there, the proposal began and everyone was crying. hehe It was so magical. When the fireworks ended, we were taken downstairs, where a table had been set for us with champagne, roses (which the hotel manager himself went out and bought for us), and chocolate covered strawberries, with a card congratulating us. It was unforgettable!

Coincidentally, just 3 months later, the legislature in PA changed and we are finally able to be married officially. Our wedding will be May 2, 2015. And May 3, we head right back to Disney World for 10 glorious days for our honeymoon, staying at the Wilderness Lodge again! :)






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