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Disney beginning

I met a friend I hadn't seen since highschool (thirteen years) at Downtown Disney for lunch one day. We had a nice time talking and shopping, we didn't want to leave. We decided to resort hop. From Downtown Disney, we rode a bus to a resort, then the monorail to each of the other resorts. We unexpectedly developed a very special kind of friendship that day; and I got to teach him to love Disney as much as I do. Fast forward six months, my sister invited us to go with her to Hollywood Studios. I talked about my favorite attraction, Lights Motor Action, for weeks before we went, I especially admire the skill of one of the drivers. We always go to all showings, at that time there were only two. Just before the second show, we were starving, so we loaded up on hot dogs, drinks, and snacks to take into the show with us. When we got to the gate, my boyfriend walks over to a CM and said his name. I knew something had to be up! I instantaneously got sick to my stomache and had to put all the food we just bought into the trash. I'm laughing now thinking about it. We were escourted to the "special" seats in the stadium and the CMs were pointing at us and paying extra attention to us. I thought I was just going to get to meet my favorite driver at the attraction, I follow his work in and outside of Disney. After the show we were taken back stage to meet all of the drivers, take a tour and a look at the cars. How awesome is that! I thought it was even crazier that all of the cast, 20-30 people were following us around and they kept asking if we "had any questions" which of course being a fan, I pretty much know as much about the attraction as they do so I couldn't think of anything to ask. Then i realized my boyfriend shaking and asked a coordinator if they could stop following us around. Just then a driver says, "this is a great spot, come take a picture" and that was where he dropped to his knee to propose. He was so nervous the cast was trying to encourage him the whole time by asking if "we" had boyfriend knew what to do to get a yes out of me.

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My fiance proposed to me at Cinderella's Royal Table on April 23, 2012.
This was my first real trip to Disney, I had a rushed 2 day trip in college so this was my first time getting to really enjoy Disney World. I had scheduled the breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table monthes before our trip and little did I know he had been talking to the Special Events people setting up the proposal. He had it all worked out that when we were done eating breakfast the waiter (who was awesome!!!!) would bring out a glass slipper with the ring sitting in it on a covered platter. I had no clue what was going on when the waiter brought out the tray, even once he lifted the lid it took me a second to notice the ring sitting in the slipper... then my jaw dropped. This was the last thing I expected. Before I knew it my fiance was on his knee beside me and I couldn't breathe.
My fiance put a lot of thought and effort into this proposal and I couldn't imagine anything better! It was so magical and romantic. He had even requested teh "Just Engaged" button and we wore those all day as well!


My now husband of five years, surprised and proposed to me in Disney it was the best night of my life..

It was all the little things that he did that made it so special. We live in CT and it was October 2005- If you know CT the fall can be cold and rainy which this fall was the worst in a long time, there was even flooding in some parts of the state. We went down to Disney for one night. WOW- I seriously had no idea what was going on. He told me that he was taking me away for the night to celebrate his new job- I was allowed to bring one bag and warm cloths/bathing suit. We drove to the airport on Saturday Morning got on a flight that said Fort Lauderdale - but with a stop in Orlando-which I didn’t see. He told me we were going to Fort Lauderdale- I believed him. When we landed in my favorite airport- Orlando and got off the plane I was smiling from ear to ear. (Note my sister lives in FL and at this time just had a baby) I thought my sister would be picking us up and we would be staying with her, but then I see my Husband following the people with the Mickey hands to check into a Disney resort. At the counter I learned that we were staying at the Beach Club- My favorite resort. I kept asking him questions because I thought how can we afford this? Do I need to call out sick on Monday? Can I call my sister? He was stone cold and didn’t answer anything. I even got mad at him on the bus ride to the hotel because I wanted to see my sister and new niece. This quickly changed when we got to the hotel as we walked in to the beautiful beach club and were “welcomed back” by the captain I was turning right to go check in but he was pushing me forward. There straight ahead was my sister, brother-in-law and their new baby. I started crying right away.

We all went outside to have lunch at Beaches and Cream- best Burger in my life, we then spent the rest of the afternoon I the pool- He told me that we weren’t going to the park because it was too much money- I believed him again. Then I learned when we checked in that we had a one day pass. I started not to ask him anymore questions and just go with it.
He told me that we had to be somewhere at 6- it was our dinner reservation at Cape May- My favorite restaurant- I love Seafood and he hates it but went there for me. We then started our walk over to Epcot to watch our favorite show- Illuminations. We were watching it on the bridge between France and England- Best spot. But we were standing in the back- We never do this. As the World started to come out he took my hand and we walked to the Rose Gardens in England where he got down on his knee and told me “how special I was and asked would I marry him” I was speechless and just kept shacking my head. He picked me up and I screamed yes. The best part was the show was still going on so no one was around. We walked back to watch the rest of the show.

Remember it’s the little things- Like when it’s dark during the show and I wanted to see the ring- he pulled out a mini-flashlight- He really thought of everything.

Our wedding song was Promise which is played at the end of the show. We stayed in Epcot to listen to it and called everyone.
As we walked back we then sat on the beach in front of the hotel and just talked- BEST NIGHT EVER…
He even had breakfasted planned the next Day with My sister and the baby, then got on a plane and went home.


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June 2009, I proposed to my wife on Main Street. We went with her whole family and I talked to a manager as I said I was going to the restroom as we were waiting for SpectroMagic. As we were waiting another 15 minutes for parade to start, I had her set up to be the random guest selected to throw the Pixie Dust to turn the Main Street lights off as the parade was starting. When the lights shut off, I was behind her and we were alone on Main Street as hundreds were watching me propose to her haha. Luckily the manager set up a Photopass Photographer to snap everything, which was amazing for us.


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I proposed to my wife at Cinderella's Royal Table on September 5th, 2011. It was one of the best nights of our lives. We love Disney and are so happy that we can have that memory and story to tell our kids for the rest of our lives.


We're in the club! We got engaged in front of the castle right after Wishes. It was one of the best moments ever and we have a nice picture slideshow of it thanks to the Photopass photographer :) It was truly magical


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I proposed in france last week in disney. I had a drawing done of us. What they did is had her sit behind me and draw me on one keen and when we switched seats i asked her. then the drew here with her expression. I had the ring in a glass slipper with are names and date on it.


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I got engaged at Disney on Peter Pan in September 2012 Married October 28 2012 didnt get married there being 22 and paying for every thing out selves but enjoyed an amazing 2 week honeymoon there :)


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My fiance proposed to me on September 24, 2011 at our hotel Saratoga Springs. We had a room on the second floor and he left suddenly and said he'd be right back. Next thing I know I hear rocks being thrown at the window. I go out on the balcony to find him in the middle of the courtyard, he got down on one knee and proposed! It was very Romeo and Juliet :) I couldn't have asked for a more romantic proposal. Now a year later we are getting married at Disney's wedding pavilion on October 2.


We can be in this club. My wife and I are big Disney Fans. My wife had been 5 or 6 times and myself only 2 times before meeting. We planned a trip with 13 of our friends and family in June 2003. I started to looking into a great way to propose to her but could not find anything. As time drew near My Mother-in-law puts a bug in her ear, Mike is going to propose to you while y"all are in Disney( me not telling anyone), my wife tells me this. I tell her that her mom has lost her mind there is no way "I DO NOT WANT TO GET MARRIED". That starts alittle spat( what I want to happen so not to spoil the surprise). I did apologize to her after!
Forward to June 7, the hold group goes to MK for the day( we are the only ones in the group that has been there before). All day I am looking for a good spot to surprise her( the only one to Know what is about to happen is my younger cousin). While we are rideing rides I have to have her sit on my rightside because the ring is in my pocket on my leftside, it was not easy. when we went on SPACE MOUNTAIN I lost her cell phoneon the ride. She is not my friend at all, after riding a couple of ride and her being mad I tell her it can be replaced and that I have spent too much money for you to be mad an any how we are in DISNEY WORLD THE HAPPIET PLACE ON EARTH" get over it.
Everyone goes back to ALL STAR except for myself, my wife and my cousin ( I tell him when I give you a sign take a hike). So I tell them lets go to EPCOT, while walking out I stop and tell my wife lets go up on the Train Station ( I give my cousin the sign and he turns to my wife and says " take a walk with me I want to get a shirt" I give him $20 and tell him to go by himself! My wife has blisters on top of blisters on her feet. "She tells me to go take a picture that she does not want to climb the stairs" I tell her that she needs to come up with me and take a picture. So we climb up the stairs and get to the rail looking at The Castle ( there a 3 couples sitting in some chairs up top, my wife goes to the other chairs and sits down)! I tell her to come next to me and she is alittle ticked that I am dragging her around. NO COOPORATION!!!!!!! I TELL HER THIS WAS THE LAST PLACE MY FAMILY ( DAD, MOM AND BROTHER WENT ON A VACATION TOGETHER. THAT WAS A GREAT ENDING TO ONE FAMILY ( MY MOM PASSED AWAY IN 1996) IN 1991. I WANT THIS TO BE THE PLACE THAT I START A FAMILY, WILL YOU MARRY ME. At this time my wife starts to cry and YES my cousin shows up!!!!! LOL The 3 couples start to clap and congradute us. So we proceed to the monorail and wait to board in the front with the pilot ( yes still no anwser and it has been about 20 minutes) so off we go and she is talking to my cousin and crying and I say well is that a yes or a no???????????????? She starts crying again and finally says YES. She said that she was so excited that she forgot to give me a answer because she was to busy crying and looking at her ring. I was 36 and she was 34 and neither had been married!
So after we go and leave EPCOT we go and meet up with our friends at the ALL STAR MUSIC and the are alittle tick off at me for not telling them what was going to happen but all were soooo happy for us. They all want to witness me taking the dive. ( I always told them that I was never going to get MARRIED like them they were crazy!!!!!!!!! LAST WORDS OF A FOOL!!!!!!

It was and always will be a speical time and place for us. We have gone 4 times since and we always go and take a picture up there. We now have a 6 year old girl that enjoys DISNEY as mush as my wife and I. We are returning on Nov. 7, 2012 and going on the DISNEY DREAM on the * for a 3night cruise and going to the WORLD for 7 days. I can not wait to see that SPEICAL PLACE AGAIN.:):p

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Before our trip, she kept doing little things to have me make a wish. Eyelashes, wishbones, stars, 11:11. So I decided I was going to propose to her when she made a wish. Told her I had a surprise planned during the trip. She kept asking what it was. I even told her when I would give her the surprise, June 1 at noon. I lucked out that her plan for the day was MK and we did Small World at 11:00. after she suggested shopping. Fine by me, was able to take the path leading right by the well as if I planned it. She knew something was up when I forgot to take out a coin for myself to throw in. Getting married May next year and going back for our honeymoon.


Hi! I am now part of the club!! :)

He asked me Dec. 4th at MVMCP after the fireworks right on Main Street while the snow was coming down around us. *swoon*

Disney has played a huge part in our lives. We met b/c of our shared passion for WDW. I met his parents for the first time there, he met my parents for the first time a few months later there...and both of our parents met one another at The World too! :) So now being about to put this in my Disney-Love resume is even more awesome than I can say! <3


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Ahh....just posted this pretty much on another thread...I proposed during Wishes in was her 2nd time to WDW and she had just recently got out of the hospital after being there for 2 months...1.5 yrs. later we'll be honeymooning there as well...


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Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of being proposed to in Disney World. When I found "my prince charming" I had to pretty much come out and say.. "I want to be proposed to in Disney World!!!" (He is not one who takes subtle hints very well, so I had to be a little obvious).

We planned a 5 day trip to Disney World in July, 2012. On the first day in Magic Kingdom (because you always go to Magic Kingdom on the first day to see Cinderella's Castle) we were in front of the castle and he said to me that he wanted a picture of us in front of the castle. He hailed over one of the Disney photographers (which didn't take much because they are always there and willing to take a photo). The Disney photographer walked over with a smile and then my bf whispered something in her ear. Then the photographer tried to casually say, "This is not a very good spot, lets go over to the flower garden over there." Of course, I knew then exactly what was going to happen..... I was going to be proposed to! If you look at the castle head on there is a small flower garden just to the right of the castle, kind of in front of Tomorrow Land. And that is where the photographer brought us!

So imagine this.... you know that you are walking to your proposal. You have been dating your high school sweet heart now for 9 1/2 years. You are about to have your dreams come true by the following:

1. You are going to be the wife of your best friend.
2. You are about to have one of your childhood fantasies fulfilled by being proposed to in Disney World.
3. You are about to be proposed to in front of Cinderella's Castle
4. You are about to be proposed to by the man who you love more than anything in this whole world!

.... And all the while you know you are walking towards it!!!! Omg I don't even think I took a breath that whole time I was walking!!!

We got to the small flower garden in front of Cinderella's Castle and the photographer asked us to pose. So we did a cute little "hand around the waiste and look cute" pose. Then she asked, "Is there any other kind of special pose you would like to do?".... and that is when he got down on one knee and I was in Heaven!!!!



We asked a Disney photographer to take our photo with our own camera, first. Then, my fiance whispered that he was going to propose. We were then taken to that flower garden where a SECOND disney photographer was already standing. So, we had one disney photographer taking pictures with our own camera and a second disney photopragher taking pictures with a disney camera.

Kind of hard to explain but we got a card that let us access all of the pictures that they took with the Disney camera of our full proposal! And we got to choose one print for free that day! We got a code and could go online to see all of the pictures that they took with the Disney camera! Besides the one that we got for free (which was a large photo) we had to pay for any others that we wanted. But the great part was that we had the other photographer with our own camera! So we didn't need to buy any photos because they were all on our own camera! And then when we came back home we could share them with family and friends and print them all out!

I will never forget this once in a lifetime moment :)


Also, we got two "Just Engaged" pins which meant that anywhere we went we got a "Congratulaions!!!" and we also received a free fast pass for both of us for any ride than we chose in the park that day.


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My husband proposed to me at the restaurant inside the Mexico pavilion! The ambiance was very romantic and perfect. I had no idea he was coming to Florida. My sister knew I had always wanted to eat there so she lied and said she could only get a reservation for 2 so she and I could have lunch there. So while my sister and I hopped on a bus to go to Epcot, my mom met my husband at the resort and helped him get to Epcot. My sister excused herself at the table to go "check on her daughter" and in walked my husband (all dressed up in 90 degree weather) with a ring. Of course he got down on one knee in the middle of the restaurant and proposed. This was a wonderful idea because the atmosphere in the restaurant was perfect. We rode the little Mexico ride while I was still in shock then after he changed into cooler clothes we enjoyed the parks.


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Add us to the club, engaged infront of the castle 9/10/2012. A photo pass photographer captured the whole thing so ill always have photos of our engagement. Celebrating our honeymoon there this September!


Omg!! 10 days ago I posted how jealous I was of everyone who gets to be part of this club and gets engaged at Disneyworld. Well yesterday my boyfriend proposed to me at Magic Kingdom in front of the castle!! I'm so happy! I can be part of the club now :L

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