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News The Electrical Water Pageant to resume performances at Walt Disney World


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woo hoo!! Exciting! This is a BIG deal, it hasn't been updated for so long!
I hate light show from an operational perspective, but it has so much history with it, it's great to see it being updated!

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Now THIS is exactly the kind of cool 50th Anniversary embellishments some have been hoping for.
The Electrical Water Pageant deserves this, as it turns '50' as well!

Now...right now, I can feel the excitement building for October 1st.

Electrical Water Pageant for the win!




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I had thought they might, but the press release makes it very clear that the full original show’s gonna be presented.

I am glad to read that is the case. I read the new music will be a rendition of the 50th theme that baroque hoedown in its form may be gone. I am hoping the new music is blended from Baroque Hoedown to continue that tradition. I was hoping that meant for the new barge unit and not the entire presentation.


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This is a great addition. The Water Pageant is a lovely memory for many, so giving it some attention during the 50th is perfect.
Waaaaaay late responding. But, this is the most fond memories my kids have of staying at the Contemporary and the Poly (well, except for chasing the ducks). Even now, they ask about the EWP. It's amazing that such low tech (and cost) can enrapture kids. Our last visit didn't include staying at either resort. So, we went to the Poly beach to watch it. These kids are older teenagers and they were still just as mesmerized as they were when they were babies. It was really fun to watch!


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Did the announcement really say “Disney’s Polynesian Resort & Spa”? Haha, oops!

Otherwise, it looks great! I’m a huge fan of the EWP, and am always worried its remaining time with us is short (just look at Lights of Winter’s “obsolete technology” 🙄).

I love the show so much, I recreated some of the floats in Illustrator and, with the help of my Pixel Stick, brought them to Vero Beach. 😊



I can’t wait to see the updated show in person!

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I saw the show tonight around 10:30pm after exiting the Magic Kingdom.
Was thrilled to see the new 50th elements ....and delighted that it includes more then just the 'logo'.
I won't spoil it for those who have yet to have seen it....
Make an effort to view this.

Truly looks great during those 50th segments...a real plus to this long running classic.

If nothing else, THIS was a truly welcome addition for the Properties' golden anniversary!


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