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The Diamond Horseshoe closing for lengthy refurbishment.


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These dates come direct from Disney and are subject to change. This is one of many newly published refurbishments and I want to get the information out there for all planning their trips.

The Diamond Horseshoe will be closed Aug 2-Nov 19, 2015.
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Is this ever open during this period, other than the parties and busiest holiday weeks? Doubt this is an official refurb, but just standard practice. Hoping to hear otherwise though, would be great to have it back!


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It's probably just standard practice but I've never seen it listed on the official closure list over the last several years, so I thought it was worth mentioning just in case. I don't claim to have any insider information, I'm just a bit OCD about getting any official
Closure dates out as soon as I see them (plus how cool would I look if there is actually something to this?!) lol
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Maybe kitchen work like a lot of the other restaurants seem to be getting? I'd love to see this open regularly. I think it's been open a little bit more over the last year. Maybe they've learned their lesson and they need all these closed restaurants to actually, you know, be open and absorb the crowds.


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Diamond Horseshoe is connected with Liberty Tree Tavern. Could it be tied to the work being done at Verandah?

I seem to remember Diamond being open fairly regularly for lunch last summer. I don't know about this year though.


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I would love to see it open up again with a show. I remember seeing the show as a young kid; my dance teacher was one of the dancers.


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And not some foamhead hoedown like Goofy's Country Dancin' Jamboree, but like the Saloon Revue.
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