Pre-Trip The Crazy Loco Spring Fling Fun-Splision! - With updates!

Well well well……

Look who’s going back to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

It’s us!

Where are we staying? At the old reliable OG DVC resort.I don’t really have a picture of OKW. Here’s one of me and @riverside having a few drinks there last summer.

When is this happening?
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Stay tuned for some sporadic updates!
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Edited to say: Have a great time!
Type first really fast, then edit to add what you really want to say. You’re a smart one!
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Safe travels!
Thanks! Fun fact, Emma Watson is not an owl!
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Ohhh 3rd!! Bronze if fine.
Oh, and have a great time!!!
Welcome welcome.
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Yay! Have fun!! I can't wait to follow along!
We will certainly do our best to have fun(it’s usually not an issue no matter where we are)!
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Awesome! Have a great time and can't wait for the updates!

Lego Batman this time. I like the change up!

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Revenge of the sixth ( poster)

Have fun

Very clever Max, but please refrain from making any more mentions of that prequel garbage(or ep 8, or 9).
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Have a great trip!
Many thanks!
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