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Trip Report The "Could be better....could be worse" Trip Report - October 2018


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Well....we've been back for almost two months and I've finally gotten our pictures organized! (Hard task when you're chasing around a one year old all day...especially because she learned how to climb on the couch by herself this week....Yayyy!!! :arghh:)

A brief introduction before I get my FIRST EVER trip report started!

Who: Me (Megan), my husband (George), and our little princess (Ryleigh)


When: October 19th through October 22nd

Where: Grand Floridian :inlove:

Why: Why not? Life has been a little rough lately and our Mickey loving daughter needed to go meet him!

For a more detailed intro, you can read my Pre-Trip here: The "After The Last 8 Months We've Had, We NEED This Trip" Pre-Trip Report

So bear with me during my first time writing a Trip Report and find out the following: Do George and I survive our first trip as parents??? Did Ryleigh love the characters??? Did I become a HEA convert??? Was the GF as glorious as I've been imagining for the last 26 years??? Just how many bite size cheesecakes did I eat at Chef Mickey's??? And on that note...

(And write a trip report!)
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Thursday, October 18th

This day was
spent tying up lose ends....getting my nails done, making my sister a pot of spaghetti sauce as part of her payment for staying at our house and watching our zoo, and the dreaded packing! Now, I am anxious over-packer. I'm always afraid I'm going to forget something so I just pack everything. I also like to have at least two outfits for each day...you never know! We're staying for a short 3 nights, so just how many pieces of luggage would we need???

If you think I wasn't going to take full advantage of our Southwest allotment, you just don't know me very well at all! And yes, I filled all of them!

Now the original plan was for my husband to have to go out that evening for midnight shift but his "vacation creep" set in and that afternoon he decided to schedule another vacation day. So we thankfully got to spend a nice evening home together and he was able to get a good night's sleep before our trip! We set out our plane outfits (well, Ryleigh and I did)
and I tried to get some sleep despite the Disney excitement!

2Disney.jpg 3Disney.jpg

Tomorrow we find out if all of my research about TSA with a toddler will pay off and if Ryleigh likes flying!


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Friday, October 19th

I was up around 8:00 am and quietly got myself ready so Ryleigh could sleep as close to her normal time as possible (I have a girl who loves her sleep like her mama!). I changed our countdown for the last time!

Ryleigh got up around 8:45 and was ready to go!

(The paci was a big thing during the trip because her molars were starting to come in. If that paci wasn't in her mouth then her fingers were and lord know the germs that she would get in there on this trip so paci it is!)

We left for the airport around 9:15 (15 minutes later than planned...not bad for me!) We are very fortunate that our drive to the airport is only around 25 minutes. We decided to just park since it was a short trip. (Plus, my mom was our usual airport drop-off person.) Now, on past trips, they always have those little cart rental stands to help with getting the luggage to be checked. EXCEPT they were nowhere to be found anymore! I walked briskly up the entry way, through the front part of the airport, everywhere and I found nothing. I started walking defeatedly back to the car trying to come up with a game plan for two people to juggle a stroller, diaper bag, 3 big suitcases, and two carry ons. And right outside the door is A CART!! I started speed walking to get to it before someone else did, checked to see if it belonged to someone, and took it out to the car. Heres where our title starts...George and I started noticing throughout the trip that there were moments of could have been better but it also could have been worse. I could have found the cart like I normally do right by where we walk in BUT I could have also not found one at all so we'll take it!

We got our bags checked with no issues and headed into the TSA line. We waited maybe 10-15 minutes so it wasn't bad at all. Then, it was go time! All of my research and anxiety was ready to go...I read it was easiest to put any liquid stuff (bottle of water, applesauce pouch, etc...) in a clear ziplock to make it easier so they don't have to go through your bags to find things. We had a million things on the belt and George and Ryleigh went through the metal detector, they took the stroller through, and then....a really loud alarm started going off and we had to freeze in our places! :oops: It ended up just being a drill but holy crap did it make my heart stop! I was finally allowed to move to go through the metal detector aaaaaand I set it off! :banghead: Note to any females...Alex and Ani bracelets will set off the TSA detector. Who knew? The stroller got swabbed down and passed the test so we were on our way to our gate! From our driveway to our gate took about an hour so not too bad for first time parents!


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Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I haven't forgotten about my trip report but the Christmas funk hit our family! :arghh: It got Ryleigh last year on Christmas night (lasted two weeks) then worked its way around the house. So nervous me kept her in the house for two weeks before Christmas as a precaution buuuuut it found us! It hit my grandma, two of my cousins, my sister and myself on Christmas night this year. Ughhhhh! Things are finally looking up here (KNOCK ON WOOD) so I'll be getting back to our airport shenanigans soon! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! (And some Christmas Ryleigh so this isn't just text!)

Matt and Kelly

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Count me in! I also overpack. I usually will bring 2 outfits per day as well, must be a girl thing. Loved yours and Ryleighs plane outfits.


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I always look like a criminal walking into Disney with my arms up as I go through security to avoid this problem ๐Ÿ˜‚
Iโ€™ve started taking them off and putting them in the basket. Theyโ€™re always like โ€œyou can leave your bracelets on!โ€ And Iโ€™m like .... no, I canโ€™t. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚


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Following along! Sorry you guys were sick at Christmas :cry: I got a bad cold on Christmas Eve of course. So annoying! It's the one time of year it's hard to stay home and rest.
Following! I totally get your title - our first trip with the kids was the same way. Lots of things went wrong, but they could have gone worse! Looking forward to hearing how Ryleigh did! :)


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Ryleigh is so cute! I hope that the creep has finally left your house!! I had it right after Thanksgiving, and it was no fun.
Looking forward to hearing more and about it your trip adventures! ๐Ÿ˜„
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