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I'm in an apartment and they change the filter twice a year. It is about 4 inches thick and works great. I've lived here for over 4 years and have only had to dust about once a year and even then there isn't much to dust up.
That’s good.Also We use round the clock room dehumidifiers . We’ve noticed a big difference in improved breathing and even noticed less dust in the house. Just like vacuuming carpets and cleaning wood floors weekly we dust the areas weekly too. With humidifier efficiency , every 3 days soak in water and distilled vinegar the units for 20 min repeat every 3 days. No pets in the home surely brings the dust, hairs, bacteria level down dramatically. I’m even thinking the next hotel room we stay at we bring a portable dehumidifier . Many hotel rooms budget and upscale are not cleaned and disinfectant properly from our experiences. I once asked the front desk to send a maint guy to check out our hotel room AC unit. The filter inside was so filthy. He changed it to a new filter. Speaking of air filters , I change my cabin air filters in my cars annually. $30 for the OEM filter. Takes less than 1 min to change. Dealer charges $99 for part and labor. To efficiently maintain the car AC running year round and at times use heat and the breathable air coming out of the car vents is crucial.
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Must be nice.

I run a bunch of HEPA filter in the house (which my parents put up with) and the house still gets dusty. Not as badly as before I started running them, but still dusty.

Of course two cats can't be helping that situation, but still.
Well, since it is only me here and dust is mostly dead skin cells floating around there would probably be a lot less (even though at my age things are dying more rapidly then before). There are 4 people and two cats in your place so naturally there would be more dust and dander floating around freely.


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All the pictures you shared were wonderful and it is nice that you were able to go with family. Was your mom visiting you?
Yes and my sister!
My sister hadnt seen the vancouver area so we tried to get her to experience a lot.
Was a pretty quick and packed 6 days (4 effective days as they arrived super late and left very early)

And it was me rushing everywhere lol.


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He definitely seemed the most messed up about everything, although Emilio Estevez was very tense and defensive as well. The rest seemed fine. I think Ally Sheedy may have been high lol.
Andrew seemed to question Emelio a bit more. It felt at one point Emelio was just agreeing with what was said so he could be done. Rob Lowe and Demi Moore seemed the most level headed/philosophical about it I totally agree with you on Ally lol

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