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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


Were at now now
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No because I am one of the smart people who does not live where it's cold enough to need those regularly, and on the rare nights I do need them, nuts to that, we're going with sweat pants. 😂
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Was watchin’ a recorded ResortTV1 live stream from Epcot last night, now watchin’ Michigan vs. Ohio State. Over 8 mins. left in the 3rd. Michigan 24, Ohio State 20. Looks like it’s been a pretty good game, so far.
No dog in this fight, per se, but, I’m rootin’ for Michigan.


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Has anybody been in Eataly? So expensive but wicked good. There's only 40 stores around the world but it's like a combo of a market/food court. Italian obviously.
Yah, I've been to this one. It may depend upon what day/time you go, but I didn't really care for it. (Went last year.) Thought the layout was kinda confusing and crowded.


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