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Current status: chatting with Pam from Kingdom Konsultants to book our 15 year anniversary cruise (and first ever) in September...with FL resident discount...and all on Chase Disney Visa points!! Woo hoo!
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Current status: chatting with Pam from Kingdom Konsultants to book our 15 year anniversary cruise (and first ever) in September...with FL resident discount...and all on Chase Disney Visa points!! Woo hoo!
Current Status: Salivating at the prospect of someone taking a cruiser and then finding that he can't no longer afford Disney Cruises because they are so overpriced now.

Gotta be RCL from now on :p


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I have a question about this....(very smart of your mom to be so vigilent) I've seen things from the states about kids not being allowed to take PBJ sandwiches to school for lunch because of kids with allergies. But as a kid, that's the only kind of sandwich I would eat. I would have had to starve at school. I was very picky and wouldn't eat most of the things they served in the cafeteria, so I always brought my own lunch up until I got into high school where they had a salad bar. Is sitting in the same room with a person with a PBJ sandwich a huge trigger? And if you can't be around it, how do you control the environment outside of your house? You can't realistically tell people at work that they can't eat what they like, or tell a restaurant that they can't cook food with allergins while you're there. Like, if you go to 'Ohana, you can't tell them they can't serve the pineapple bread. So how do you deal with that? If you have to go into the office, do you have an isolated place to eat? Do you avoid restaurants that serve food with peanuts or pineapple? I know you said something once about eating at Satuli Canteen and your dad was mad because you didn't go with them wherever they ate, but it wasn't safe for you. Is eating an issue for you in Disney?
Pineapple is my big trigger, so I try to avoid that one as much as possible. I can taste it in the air when it's fresh; it's like a metallic taste, and I will react. If it's baked into something, I can be near it, but I have to be careful about it being on the same surface as my food.

I didn't develop my allergies until middle school, so my friends just always knew no pineapple or peanuts. The tables were big enough that if one of them brought a PB&J sandwich, they just wouldn't sit next to me that day. There was a kid a few years ahead of me who was so allergic to peanuts that they had to ban it from the lunchroom when he ate in there. There is a thing called soy nut butter that tastes almost exactly like peanut butter. I used to take it for lunch and that's what a lot of parents subbed.

At work, I usually ate by myself (I've never worked someplace with set lunch times; everyone eats when it's convenient for them). I usually chose to eat at my desk, but if I wasn't, I wiped down the surface of where I was eating. I don't think I've ever had it happen where someone was eating nuts in my vicinity at work. Where I used to work, we had a cafeteria, and there were no nuts (other than the people who worked there...😁)

Speaking of eating out, you'd be surprised at how many places are nut-free or only have nuts in the desserts. With places that have nuts, I make a decision on how many items have nuts and what type of nuts are back there. I'm less allergic to tree nuts than peanuts, so Panera is okay, but I avoid Five Guys and Chick Fil A. I avoid Asian places because they tend to have a lot of nuts and the staff tends to not speak English well enough to communicate my needs. The exception is Japanese places similar to Tepoan Edo because they tend to be nut free and have English speaking staff as well, and my local Chinese place because I know the owner.

I never have problems at Disney-operated restaurants; in fact, Disney has literally won awards for how they handle food allergies. We do skip some places if there's too much that I'm allergic to on the menu. You gave Ohana as an example; we don't eat there because there's too much pineapple on that menu. We eat an Kona instead.

The quick service place in AK was the QS Yak and Yeti location. I've had trouble there; I'm thinking because there's pineapple back there. I don't have any trouble at the sit down Yak and Yeti. Neither are operated by Disney. I prefer to stick with the QS locations that are either operated by Disney or don't have stuff I'm allergic to in the back. The only place in Disney that's sometimes problematic is Poly. Breakfast at Captain Cook's is 100% fine. For lunch, I usually go to the DVC pool bar. I prefer their menu anyway, and they don't have stuff back there that I'm allergic to.

Sometimes I encounter stuff that I'm allergic to when other people are eating it, and in that case, I try to move myself if possible. I was at a baseball game, and the wind was blowing and there were peanut shells from someone nearby that blew in my face. I put on a mask and switched seats. Another time a lady was next to me and outright asked me if I was allergic to peanuts. She switched seats with a family member, which was very nice of her.

The place that's occasionally hard is planes. I always inform the airline that I have a peanut allergy, I wipe down my seating area, (which everyone should do IMO, those places are gross), and usually they make an announcement. One time though, I had to ask the guy sitting next to me not to eat the peanuts he'd brought with him on the flight. It was only a two hour flight and Southwest provides pretzels. I always tell people bring other snacks on flights because it's the one time when those of us with nut allergies can't move ourselves away, and you risk us having to use our Epi Pens in the air, which then means the flight has to divert to go to a hospital, which then inconveniences everyone... it's just the one place not to bring nuts (other than your family members).


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Kudos to you in maintaining your 03' vehicle still on the road.

The manufacture date is 10/02, so it’s, essentially, a 20-year-old car.
Although I’m not the original owner, I’ve had it for about 8 years now.
And, as I’ve posted before, it was given to us. My Pop did a favor for a friend, and the guy insisted Pop take his daughters old car that they had just replaced with a new one. It was about the same time my ‘95 5-speed Hyundai Accent was crappin’ out, and Mom and Pop had no use for the car, so they asked us if we wanted it…sure, free car…!!!!! :hilarious:
I figured it would, maybe, be about 2 years before it would reach that crossover point where a payment on another used vehicle would be less than the total yearly repair costs, but, so far, it hasn’t gotten even worrisome close. It just keeps truckin’. Aesthetically/cosmetically, it has some issues, but, these days I really don’t care and just need transportation from point A to B and back.
It has had 3 fuel pumps replaced since I’ve owned it, but, the last 2 were replaced free, as they were still under warranty.
After the first one failed, it was explained to me that it had a plastic impeller that deteriorates over time, and it just disintegrated….!!!!! 🤣
Not sure what made the other 2 fail, as I never asked, but, if it was deteriorating plastic impellers again, certain folks need to go back to engineering school to learn about more durable materials, and not even much more expensive ones, to stop the free warranty replacement bleeding…!!!!! :hilarious:
I’m easy on brakes, so the ones I personally replaced a while back should last a good while longer. Plus, all 4 tires still have plenty of tread…!!! :)

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