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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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Went to a local art contest today, hosted by the art group I belong to. (Although, I haven't drawn anything for over a year.) I'm familiar with the judges, and they have their own specific guidelines for awarding prizes. They also allow the public to come in, and vote for their own favorite as well, out of 78 entries (that's a completely different, non-juried category--Public Vote, Best in Show).

I was chatting with one of the judges, and I told her I had my favorites narrowed down to 10 different entries -- but it was hard to choose just one. (She then mentioned that some of the art on display wasn't as high quality as she had expected. She mentioned a few that she thought were subpar. )

Anyway, the funny thing is that I finally decided on 1 painting -- and it happened to be one of the paintings she thought was hideous! :hilarious: But, I loved it -- creative and unique. What can I say? I have no class! :p

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You're not Canadians ya know. 🤣
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You do like living on the edge! :jawdrop: I wouldn't go near any large store or shopping area/mall on Black Friday. (Also, I'm glad that the people I buy gifts for, aren't into anything rare or expensive, so I have plenty of time and options for my Christmas list.)

What I miss is back when I was a kid, and my mother, grandmother, and siblings would all ride the subway, and go into large department stores in Boston, the day after Thanksgiving. (No shoppers ever called it Black Friday -- only the merchants/financial people referred to it as that.) The large stores were crowded and all, but had such a festive holiday atmosphere. It was an actual event for us. Part of the fun was looking at all the amazing Christmas displays outside in the dept. store, street-level display windows. We'd always got hot chocolate, too. :hungry:

At least many stores that have been open on Thanksgiving in recent years past are now closed again on Thanksgiving.
I never had to work on Thanksgiving Day the 4+ years I worked retail from ‘09-‘13, but, I did work on all four Black Fridays.
The mall opened on Black Friday at 8a the first year I worked there, 6a the next year, and midnight the last 2 years.
The one year on Black Friday, between all 3 of my mall jobs (Disney Store, men’s clothing store, seasonal calendar, game, toy, etc., kiosk) I worked over 18 hrs., with only about 5 mins. to woof down a sandwich before my closing Disney Store shift. I was already in my late 40’s, and the only job where we were allowed to sit was the men’s clothing store, although on that day, we had no time to sit.
After, basically, 18 straight hrs. on my feet, I went home that night and I think I was out after only 2 beers…good times…!!!!! :hilarious:
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Sharing a reminder that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Sometimes you can find some nice holiday gifts when you shop in your own community, and also support your local area. :happy:

Special shout-out to @Tony the Tigger -- hoping you break sales records this weekend!!!

I know a couple places where I think the deals aren't there if people want a deal with their current order. You have to spend a certain amount of money to get a gift card. That gift card could be only used for a future purchase.

According to Door Peninsula Winery Facebook page, for every $100.00 you spend, you get a $10.00 gift card for future purchase. You have to reach $100.00 before tax and shipping. Basically people like @Figgy1 spend the $100.00 before tax and shipping by buying wine, Hard cider, Wine merchandise, food items, olive oils, and vinegar in order to get the gift card.

I just discovered something. That store only ships to California, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dokota, New York, Texas, and Washington.
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I’m watchin’ the last minutes of the Penn State/Michigan State game, the snow is comin’ down like crazy, and I notice a dude on the Michigan State defense with the last name of Snow…!!!!! :hilarious:
Not a bit surprise. The Snow family has a history with Michigan state. I bet that college has a field day whenever it snows. I guess its a snow tradition there.

Snow's uncle Percy Snow played for Michigan State in the mid to late 80s as a football player on defense. I am sure it had to snow sometime in that era. Percy's younger brother played for Michigan State in Basketball.

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