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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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Congratulations to the happy couple!!! ♥️

Just curious -- a December wedding is not that usual, being so close to all the major holidays. Did you two go to Vegas and elope, in an Elvis chapel of love?! ;)

Nope, we had a full-blown church wedding and reception across the parkin’ lot in the PAC (Parish Activity Center) at my family’s Catholic church. It was even co-officiated by our priest and her family’s Lutheran pastor (she later converted before we started a family). We had about 250 Guests invited, and 225 showed up. It was an absolute BLAST, and we honeymooned at WDW...!!!!!!! :joyfull:
The December wedding was DWifey’s idea, as she loves Christmas so very much, so December it was...!!!!! :inlove::happy:

My bride...!!!!!!! :joyfull::inlove::inlove::inlove::happy:



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This is actually good to know. I also learned from someone else that their vet does drive-up visits, where the tech comes out to the car and then brings in the pet to the clinic. So apparently, this is rather common now. It just seems so strange after years of taking pets to the vet, and being there in the exam room. Oh well.

Yep, “The Rona” strikes again... :bored:
I just hope Weird Al doesn’t do a parody called “Oh My, The Rona”... :cautious::cool:;)


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So this season's odd shortage is now the classic round ornaments for Christmas trees. 😳 Some years, I decorate the tree the same way as the past. Other years. I change it up. and I picked the wrong year, 2020, :rolleyes: , to assume I could do this easily. 🤦‍♀️

My hunch is because there was an increased demand on Christmas trees this year, and maybe some people were decorating for the first time, that certain items were bought out. (Checked the 3 Target stores in my vicinity, 2 Kohls, and 2 Michaels.) :banghead:

What hasn’t there been a shortage of in 2020...?! 🤔
Oh yeah, shortages...!!!!! :hilarious:;)


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I drove my first "standard shift" vehicle at 10 years old. It's to long a story to convey but suffice it to say that my father was the manager of a trucking company next door to our house in the 50's. Full size tractor/trailer trucks were parked inside. One Sunday I went over the garage where they were parked got in one, started it up and backed it out of the garage drove it around the building and parked it back in the place where I got it. I don't remember how long it took to share that story with him, but eventually I did and I got the job at age 12 to keep the large yard plowed out with a standard shift pickup with a snow plow on the front.

I taught both my girls how to drive standard even though they took their tests on automatics. Both at some point owned cars that had standard, one still does and her two teens had to learn how to do it as well. However, it is getting increasingly hard to even find one anymore unless it's a muscle car.

Offered to teach both our DDs manual, but, neither was interested, and special needs DS will probably never be able to get a drivers license.
I did teach DWifey to drive manual shortly before we were married...that was a bit of an adventure on our first new car, but, not long after, she was a pro at it...!!!!! :happy:
And, I’ve posted this here before...
I learned in a ‘63 IH pickup with “Three-on-the-tree” when I was 13, shortly after we moved back to Texas, and before I broke my calcaneus on Friday, Aug. 13, 1976...!!!!! :hilarious:
Also, as I’ve posted before (hey, seems like we’re gettin’ new members in this thread all the time that haven’t heard our life stories ;)) I drove nothin’ but manual trannys since 1985 when I bought my new ‘85 Mustang GT with a 5-speed stick, until my current free ride. Some dude owed my pop money, and had no cash, so gave him a car my folks didn’t need, with an auto tranny. They gave it to us a few years ago right about the time my second Hyundai was finally crappin’ out...loved both those bulletproof manual 5-speeds...!!! :)
That ‘85 ‘Stang was rated at 225 bhp, and the same at lb. ft. of torque. Can’t remember the torque the new ones are makin’ these days, but, the same 302 c.i. (5.0-ish liter) engine is now crankin’ out about 460 bhp with a 6-speed manual...!!!!!!! :joyfull:


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It's my grandson that she does not get along with. My grandson is 27, and my tenant does like my grandson's girlfriend. She says terrible things about her. So much so, that I uninvited my tenant to our Christmas Eve celebration. Actually my husband wishes my tenant would get out soon. She calls him on the phone almost every day, and he is getting really annoyed at that. Thank goodness for caller ID, and he does not usually pick up during his working hours. I ignore all her calls. They are never about anything important.
That is a horrendous situation. What does your husband say about the fact that she doesn't get along with your son? I wish I had better advice for you....I hope your husband will come around to see that it just isn't working for any of you.


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We never got an allowance (however, I think our lil’ sis did...? 🤔), although I mowed the yard and did other things around the house. Myself and a buddy mowed other peoples yards together during our freshman and sophomore years of HS, and made a bunch a’ money (to us anyway) doin’ that, so that worked out well.

As far as I know, the workin’ age here is still 16. That’s when I got my first job at the go-kart track. We were so busy there tending to customers, helping out in the shop, cleaning up the track, etc, we never had any time to goof off.

Long story that I’ve posted about here before, but, I was almost the youngest person in my HS class of 592 at age 17...I didn’t turn 18 ‘til the following October. At that time, the drinking age was 18 here in Texas, and everyone I knew in my class could buy booze while they were still high school students...and, buy it they did...!!!!! :hilarious:
I actually never went to college (other than a few classes at our local community college that I eventually dropped) for my career. But, the odds of doin’ that these days without, at least, a bachelors degree are minuscule. I have several co-workers that have a masters in architecture.
I got a very small allowance in high school, but I worked from the time I was 15. 14 if you count babysitting. I worked as a custodian at the school, I worked in the engineering office in town doing data base entry, I worked as a timer/scorer for ball games at school, I worked as a tutor through the school...then when I was in college I worked as a custodian the first summer I was there, then at the front desk of the residence halls as a sort of receptionist through the rest of my college days. The only time I can remember NOT having a job was my freshman year of college because I was afraid college was going to be so hard that I couldn't handle both school and work. It ended up not being a problem, so I got a job after that. But we give our kids allowance because they do chores. If we were to do that work at someone's house, or in a restaurant or hotel, we'd get paid for it. And it's better to teach them about money as young kids...teach them how hard it is to earn the money for that new toy they want. Teach them how to save their money, how to comparison shop, how to follow sales, etc. My mom worked for years (before she was married) at a savings and loan and was amazing with money. She brought me up with all sorts of financial tips and taught me how to handle my money. My brother ignored her advice and got himself in huge financial trouble in college. It took him 10 years to dig out of it, even though my dad helped bail him out. I don't want my kids to go through that. So we started them really young with like..."Sure, it's your money. You can buy that Barbie here, but you might find it cheaper somewhere else." or "Well, if you buy that one, that's all you can afford. But if you go for this one, it may not be quite as fancy, but it has what you need, and then you have money left over for something else." "Are you going to use that feature? Or is it just adding to the price when this one is just ats good but without that?" We've always let them make their own decisions about how to spend their money...it's always their choice in the end because it's their money, but we oguide them, and part of that is teaching them that you have to earn the money with work. So that's why they get allowance. Same thing with school....you earn grades with the effort you put into your school work. If you don't study, you won't get as good of a grade. If you don't do chores, you won't have as much money to buy that new game you want. Work ethic. I remember a lot of kids in my class in school had none, and I see it with E's classmates, too. When we went to Disney in 2016, E was 10...she saw some ears she loved and wanted to buy. We went to World of Disney specifically so she could buy these ears. Then she looked at the price. $27. She thought about how many other things she could buy with that money, and that yes, it's a cool souvenier, but she'd never wear them outside of Disney and she could MAKE similar ears for much cheaper and then still have money for other things. She decided against spending the money. She's responsible with her money.

As for jobs with a high school diploma, I think the days are nearing an end where you can earn a good living that way. A lot of my classmates got jobs at the coal mines...you don't need any higher education for that, but my underdstanding is that it doesn't pay what it used to. And those jobs are dwindling away. There aren't many jobs you can get anymore starting out where you can support a family on that income. And in a lot of places, you almost need 2 incomes...I don't know how single parents do it anymore! I've been working at my job for 12 years....there's no way I could support the family even if I were to work full time. So I want the kids to have the work ethic NOW so that when they need it, they don't have a rude awakening.

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