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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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I stopped decorating or putting up a full size tree shortly after my wife left. The kids were on their own and just starting out in their marriages. I went a few years without even putting out my now famous Santa ornament. From the time I got out of the service until about 20 years ago I worked in either Retail or Advertising so this time of year was always when I had to work the hardest and spend the least amount of time with my family. I really grew to dislike the season intently.

Every year I used to put up a tree and use multi-colored (coloured, for those loyal to the Queen) lights, but when I was growing up my Father loved all blue lights so every other year it was blue. I found as an adult that I kind of missed that change up so I started to do the same thing. You've seen my 2.5 foot tall tree with built in multi-colored light and have no plans to do anymore then that. Sometimes I don't even do that.
The tree has never been that important to me as an adult. When I was in college, we went home for Christmas, so we had the tree at my mom's house, but then I got married a few months after I graduated from college and my husband and I were working at Walmart and didn't have a whole lot of money. My mom was rather miffed at me when I told her we didn't have a tree. She scolded me and demanded I go get one, but with no money, I couldn't afford a tree and decorations, etc. So we cheated....we went to the dollar store and got a 1 foot artificial tree with built in fiber optic lights, and we bought some Christmas earrings to put on it as ornaments. My mom was not amused...she didn't find it funny at all, but I had done what she demanded...I went and got a tree.

Now, we have one in our shed, but a whole bunch of things fell over and we can't actually get INTO the shed to get it out...well, that's not true...I was able to shift some things the other day when I was looking for pictures, and I noticed the tree itself is on the top of the pile near the door, so we could get to IT, but not to the base, not to the decorations, or lights, and even if we did, we have no room in the house to put it up. There's not a corner or space along a wall where it would fit. So we just don't put one up. It's just not important to us. Christmas isn't about how big of a tree you have, or how nicely you decorate...if we don't need it to feel the Christmas spirit and we don't want to go to the effort, why make a big deal out of it. It's still just as much Christmas whether you have a tree or not.

Tony the Tigger

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Well, I'm obviously not a doctor, but over here the guideline is if you've had 15 minutes of exposure where you are closer than 6 feet, you should quarantine. But less than 15 minutes and distanced is thought to be lower risk. I hope you are ok. I'm not surprised you are tired though...you've been through the wringer the last couple of weeks. Is this guy going to get tested again now that he's not feeling well?
As of yesterday, he’s feeling “95% better” and his more accurate test from Monday somehow came back negative. He is getting tested again today. He’s off the schedule until I’m comfortable with results.


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Line at the post office today worse than Kali on a hot summer's day allowing only one rider per raft:eek:
I live between two post offices. Both have been a rope drop since March. DH went on Tuesday, with a package to send line out the door at both, and neither had a working self service machine. So, back he went on Wednesday, at rope drop. In and out.


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I agree that unofficial tours are tacky. But I can see a reason why they would exist, especially in light of the official tours being...rather "sugary."

I believe you even had an issue with an official tour guide telling nonsense stories touted as official.

But that's the only reason I could see unofficial tours being worthwhile, if they are actually properly sourced.

I'm so sorry you are in that situation. I didn't realize it was your husband she asks for money. She probably goes to him because he's the one she was friends with, and he's the one she made the rental agreement with. Didn't you have problems with rats or squirrels or something because she left the catfood out? Does your husband make excuses for her? That must be so hard to be at odds with him about this. And I know right now, there is huge pressure on landlords not to evict tenants for failure to pay because so many people lost their jobs with Covid. But I'm sure her financial situation hasn't changed, because she's retired...she still gets her check every month from social security. I guess the biggest question is can you afford to lose the money she asks for? I understand it's the principle of the thing...it's not fair to you. BUT, if it isn't going to hurt you where you can't pay your bills, and your husband still considers her a friend, maybe you can just look at it like a charitable donation? And then if there's something you buy that your husband gets upset about, you can always just tell him "Well, you spend your money on the tenant's cats....I spend mine on <insert item here>". Definitely not an ideal situation. If she moves out, will you get another tenant?
I just want the lady gone. She cannot get along with my grandson, who lives above her and gossips about his girlfriend. She stands on her porch and talks to the one cat she has left and her comments are always so loud that everyone can hear her. The subject matter is usually very judgemental about others and she gets quite nasty at times. Her remaining cat is male and he goes upstairs on my grandsons back porch and pees everywhere . I asked her to keep her cat in the house, but she won’t even do that. We may or may not get another tenant, but she has been talking about leaving for quite a while, that I won’t believe it till/ when it happens

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