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The biggest wreath at WDW?


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I saw this today on FB:


And of course I wondered where the biggest wreath is! Immediately I have to assume it's the one on the Contemporary. Any other ideas? I'm sure someone actually knows!


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I have never been at christmas before so i am only guessing here but i would think it would be somewhere more visable like on the castle or the main street depot as you enter mk. I guess i will find out in 12 days when we take our first christmas trip.


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I would imagine the Contemporary one is the biggest. I can't think of any other giant wreaths on property. Which tree is 70 feet tall?


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The tree in the WL is really tall and I think only has white lights - but I don't remember if it is 7 stories tall.


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That was my thought too. I just couldn't remember if it used all white lights and I was too lazy to dig up a picture.

All of my pictures show it with colored lights, same goes with MK's tree. Those are only 65' tall.

A 70-foot-tall tree takes center stage in Disney's Contemporary Resort entrance lobby — (what I found online)

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The things I'm missing out on for not going over Christmas. :oops:
If you do it once you will want to do it every year. We started 12 years ago and have never missed going at least one weekend in December. It is just no the holidays for us without the Osborne Lights and the Peace on Earth tag.


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Wow! I never would have guessed that!

**EDIT** According to The Mouse For Less: don't miss the largest wreath at the WDW Resort, which is 25 feet in diameter with 18' elliptical ears. It is located on the exterior window 4th floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort facing Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

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