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The art of Disney


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I acquired this print a couple years back and have had it on my wall ever since, and every time I look at it, I have to smile! Whether from a distance or taking a close look, there is lots to see.

Being from the UK, I am intrigued how this print ended up in a charity shop and how lucky I was to come along and pick this up. I recently moved the frame from one room to another and it had me thinking about the prints history. I've always wanted to take the print out of the frame to gather an idea about where it came from, however have refrained from doing so to avoid damage.

With this, I wanted to ask if anyone knows about 'the art of disney', what the origins are likely to be and whether the print holds any value.

I have attached a picture of the print. disney.jpg


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The Art of Disney is the name of the Disney art store in Disney Springs and EPCOT. This could have been a standard print that they sold with their logo on the mat. There does not appear to be a signature on the front of the picture. Is there anything on the back?


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Art of Disney is a store at Walt Disney World. As previously mentioned, there are locations at Disney Springs and Epcot, but also at the Magic Kingdom and previously at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The original painting was probably done around 1993 based on the references but I’m fairly certain that the print was still available until relatively recently, if it is not still available.


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I have the same print hanging on my office. I bought it in 1996 at a shop adjacent to the Town Square Theater. I can't remember the name but it sold collectible Disney items. The print cost $20.00 at the time. I still have the original tube that it came in as well. That's all I know about it. Hope it helped.