The Amazing Race 25


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Yes! I was hoping a thread like this would come along:)

I like the cast. Its a fun group. I don't really have any clear favs or dislikes though.

Also, not so sure how I feel about it being on Friday, but we'll see if that's good or bad!:angelic:


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Serves them right but, you know you lost, why not go back and dig for four hours? Forget the agreement.
I think by that point they weren't allowed to go back to the challenge. It wouldn't be fair.

I am glad they are gone though, did not like their whole attitudes, but kind of wish we could have had a little more Firefighters rivalry with them.

Great first episode! Looking forward to whats to come! Also, I may post some predictions here later.


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I may post some predictions here later.
Now seems like a good time to do so, I suppose! Obviously, after one episode I can't make too many judgments, but this is just based on what was from last episode and their interviews. I will post it in three sections, bottom, middle, or front of the pack as in where they will finish. Also, TAR constantly changes with non-elim legs and different challenges, flights, etc, so I will not be surprised to be completely wrong, but is also why I am placing them in segments

BOTTOM-who will be eliminated soonest

Lisa and Michelle- well, obviously:p

Shelley and Nici- They only finished ok in the last leg, and nothing about them tells me that they have some big skills that are going to do them well. I don't see a huge future in them, probably 1-2 more legs.

Michael and Scott- I really like them, but they seem to be that team that just is there to interest us in the beginning, but really isn't that great overall. I feel as though, from their actions on the first leg, that they will not have what it takes to keep up the endurance. (also, The Office anyone?)

Dennis and Isabelle- They seem to be one of the most prepared, and even skilled, but there is always the dating couple that goes out in the beginning surprisingly. There will come a challenge they just can't do, maybe even get into a fight as well. I think though that they may make it farthest of the other two up here

MIDDLE-who will do ok, and finish in the middle of everyone in the end

Brooke and Robbie- We didn't really get too much screen time for them, but I definitely see them getting into an argument. We may come to not like them, they may seem dominant, but will eventually be gone before we know it.

Amy and Maya- I really like these two, I do. They are there for fun. However, I think there will come a point where they simply will not have what it takes to beat out the few people in front of them, and they will deliver one of those emotional eliminations.

Tim and Te Jay- They came off strong, and I partially regret putting them here. However, this may not last long, and they may get into conflicts with others even, too, although I'm not sure. My guess though is that they will be u-turned and be eliminated then.

TOP FINISHERS-the teams that will go farthest

Kym and Alli- I don't really like them....much at all. But, they are strong team it seems, as cyclists able to have endurance, best friends have that connection that leads to good team work, and probably wont be afraid of being a bother to other teams.

Misti and Jim- Hmmm...not a fan of these guys either:p Very intimidating, but I again have to give props to this team because they were smart in how they handled situations in this past leg, good at problem solving and other challenges, and are just cockey enough to win. Also, the save thing couldn't hurt them;)

Keith and Whitney- Well, there always has to be the boring dating couple in the end;) I'm kind of kidding, but they seem to be. They will likely be a team that every other leg is either just barely surviving, or miraculously getting 1st or 2nd.

Adam and Bethany
- I guess I like them, they are nice. They are strong, too, and I do not at all see the arm thing being a disadvantage. They have the spirit, and what a story this would be for her biography!

Alright, so we have some pretty good teams, and I still have no idea who will end up winning, but gun to my head? Kym and Alli take the money.


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Friday night is a blessing, in a way, in that it is traditionally a low-rated night. So, not much will be expected ratings-wise, which is good.

I was surprised so many teams chose the changing of the guard detour over the pancake race detour. The latter seemed like it would be (and was) much quicker.
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