Trip Report The “No Trip” Trip Report *COMPLETED*


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There are pre-trip reports.

There are trip reports.

I’d like to welcome you to what I believe might be the first “No Trip” trip report.

My name is Tuvalu. Ok, that’s not my real name (it’s not “Shirley” either 😉) but it’s how I’m known here on WDWMagic. For the past six years I have contributed a lot of trip reports in this forum. A lot! Along the way I have met so many wonderful people and made new friends, some of whom I have had the privilege of meeting in person. Honestly the reason why I write is for you, the reader, because I cherish our interactions. (Getting to re-live my trip is just a bonus!)

My husband Woody, my daughter Em and I were supposed to be leaving for our Spring Break trip to WDW tomorrow. Of course we are sad we cannot go (and our doing our part to keep ourselves and others safe) but remain confident we WILL get to go back sometime in the future.

I had been contemplating going “live” for our trip. Woody and Em are not fans of my reporting “live” since my attention is diverted from enjoying vacation with them. However this idea for a “No Trip” trip report came straight from Woody himself!

So for the next week, if you‘d like to Journey into My Imagination and read about what could have been, I’ll be here.



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First!! I'd love to come along for the ride!! Great idea!!


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@riverside bahaha ok I’ll take second. I’m clearly slower at typing!
I say we're tied for first!! Look at the times of our posts--they had to have been within seconds of each other b/c sometimes it shows them to be the same & then it will show a minute apart. To be totally honest I wanted to say a few more things but I wanted to jump in first so I didn't. I know, I sound like a spoiled brat but these days you have to look for the little things in life to make you happy!!;)

So @Tuvalu I also wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to how you're going to do this. Knowing you I'm sure it's going to be super creative & fun!!


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Love it!!! Can't think of any better way to spend my days at home than with a Tuvalu report - what a great idea!
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