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Pre-Trip That is it. That is IT! I've had it! (Update: Canceling Trip) - Update 2: I have two Tickets for Boo Bash...

Booked a trip after two years too long. I'm done and need my Disney fix. We even booked flights for this trip. Never have done that, but it sounds better than driving for 8 straight hours there and 8 hours back.

We're doing it! Going for my 35th birthday.

Happy So Excited GIF

And for anyone who is curious, both my husband and I are fully Covid-19 vaccinated and are mask wearers. (not that anyone asked, lol)

Going to Disney World, Going to Disney World....We are going to Disney World!!!!!
disney land GIF


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Excited for you!
Thank you 😁
Looking forward to it 🎉😀
Eeee thanks!😁😀 (Going to have to remind myself to take lots of pictures. 😅)
I'll be following along!!! 🏰
Your enthusiasm is contagious!! I hope you have an amazing time!
Aww thank you!😊
I'm going for my 36th birthday this year!!! A lot of my family is going too so I'm excited. Unfortunately, it's over Thanksgiving so it will be busy.
That's awesome! Happy early early birthday to you! 🎉🥳

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