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Thanksgiving 11/19-11/26

We have never been this time of year before. We includes Mom, my Hubby, and me. We stayed at POFQ.

11/19 - We arrived at our resort at 11:00 am after an early flight. We had done online check-in so we had our packet and were on the way to the room to unpack and change within a few minutes. We caught the bus to DHS and had lunch at ABC Commissary. We saw Muppets. Then went on Star Tours which said 20 min wait but we were on in 5 or 10. Then went on GMR and Backstage Tour. We saw the car stunt show and then had an ADR at PTC. We were a little early and got taken within 5 minutes. We had Aunt Memory and she was great. The food was wonderful. After dinner we spent a few hours at Osbourne Lights. There was no snow since there was rain early in the day.

11/20 - EPCOT. We spent most of the day in FW and the wait times were great. We had lunch at Electric Umbrella which was fair. We had a wonderful dinner at Chefs de France. Again, we arrived a little early and were taken within 5 minutes. We walked around WS and left since we would be back later in the week,

11/21 - Universal/IOA. We had dinner at Cape May and saw decorations at BC, YC, and BW.

11/22 - Had breakfast at Kona Cafe. We had great luck with ride wait times. We started in Fantasyland and worked our way to HM and HOP. We had lunch at Diamond Horseshoe Review. Saw parade. Went to Adventureland and Frontierland. Had a wonderful dinner at Tony's where we were again taken early. Got to see the castle all lit up and went to Tomorrowland for COP and TA. Saw MSEP and fireworks.

11/23 - Went to KSC. Took boat from our resort to DTD and ate dinner at TRex followed by dessert at Ghiradelli. Plus we did some shopping.

11/24 - Thanksgiving Day! We had breakfast at Boma and spent the day at AK. Wait times were great. Had lunch at Flame Tree. Saw FOW and afternoon parade. Had dinner at Trail's End Buffet. We were early and got taken 15 minutes late. Afterwards we went to see decorations at WL and monorail resorts.

11/25 - Sea World. Went to EPCOT for CP. We had dinner at CR. We again got taken early and the food was pretty good. We had the 8:15 pm show with Mira Sorvino followed by Illuminations.

11/25 - Had breakfast at Riverside to see how the food courts compare before seeing relatives in another part of FL. We flew home on Sunday.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I'd love to come back this time of year again. Hopefully in a few years when the expansion is complete.

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