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Thanks Kingdon Konsultant!


Premium Member
Dearest Pam,
I can not thank you enough for all your help with my upcoming vacation. Your advise was right on the money and even with the short notice and the craziness of the holidays, you got everything done for me.
I know I never would have been able to get it all done alone and you just took over for me.
You are the BEST and anyone even remotely thinking of going on vacation, definitely call Pam - she will get you the best deal out there.

I will be calling on you to schedule my group of 100+ that will be going for Magic Music Days in August.

Thanks again,
Love, Suzi :kiss:

Kingdom Konsultant

WDWMAGIC Board Sponsor
Premium Member
WOW... Thank so much for your kind words. This is what makes me love my job.

After everything that you have been through, it really makes me smile to think that I made you so happy. I hope you have a truly wonderful time at WDW and let me know what you think of AKL. I loved it.

Thank you again,

Pam :kiss:
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