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thanks giving traffic?


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just wondering has anybody travelled from north Carolina to Disneyworld the first weekend after thanks giving? is the traffic likely to b chaotic?should we leave super early? any input would b great thanks

slappy magoo

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This is barely educated guesswork but first...

When you write "the first weekend after Thanksgiving" I"m guessing you mean actual Thanksgiving weekend? Like Black Friday and the following days? I'm not asking to be snarky like you wrote it poorly, I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.

If so, my guess would be if you're going mostly down i-95, it shouldn't be too bad barring accidents or anything like that. But once you turn on I-4 and start getting closer to Orlando I would assume traffic would get worse and worse. My suggestion - which could totally be wrong - would be to try to time your arrival later at night, when parks are closed or close to it and most traffic will be heading the opposite way.
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Master Yoda

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I would say chaotic may be an understatement. The second busiest travel day is the day/weekend following Thanksgiving. That whole period of time, has large volumes of people traveling
In addition to that I-95 in South Carolina is only two lanes which can gridlock at the slightest provocation. It gets better once you hit Georgia where it widens to 3-4 lanes, but I would do everything I could to through South Carolina as early and quickly as possible.


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thanks I think the plan is get a real early start, id rather get there early ,go get some food or a drink before check-in opens as apposed to losing time in trafiic. thanks for all your advice
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