News Test Track to be reimagined

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Hey @Moth - is it just the song that’s returning, or will the tongue in cheek sort of narration come back as well?

And, if so, who in modern times could capture the essence of Gary Owens?


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Seriously, a ride that has the song and some gags from WoM in a dark ride portion that ends with the speed run outside seems like a “best of all worlds” type of situation. I mean that’s basically what RSR does and having the same kind of execution would be a win for TT. I feel like they could tie together a history of automobiles together with a what we are doing now and/or safety sequence leading into the now let’s test it out speed portion.


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This must be a writing error, it lists John Williams for music in the Wikipedia page for Test Track. 🤨

There’s been nothing about music in the press releases. Unless it’s true, someone’s wrote this by mistake. 🤷‍♂️

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I'm a bit surprised they haven't provided more info yet, but probably waiting til D23.

I could see them doing a minor refresh, changing the queue setup (guessing the car design stuff will be gone), replacing the "TRON" style set pieces, but unless they need to upgrade the ride system, it might not take too long.


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Anyone else getting a "forward" vibe from the logo, the hexes becoming arrows as they move forward

My sister and I loved it - as kids and as adults. Though as adults it became our mission to create the ugliest/weirdest car possible (but always pink with either the sparkles or butterflies). 😅

Wow. You unlocked a memory for me. I forgot we tried to make a monstrosity our first time.


Interesting that there was a revenue aspect to it. I always wondered if Chevy got any market research info from the ride... not like "Oh, people like to put 3' tires on their car... we should implement that in our next model"... but more like "people really seem to like this specific color, we should use that more in our marketing"...

I hope they didn't take all cars as research considering what some of us did. They'd wind up with something like The Homer.


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If they let me have this, I’ll put it in the front yard. The neighbors will ask, what is it? I’ll say, I don’t know.
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That guy who got the Animal Kingdom unicorn statue should add it to his collection.

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I went to check, worried it may have been a hasty move. Saw it was an IP without sources and you'd given the reason for removal. That's some good Wikipedia'ing.


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