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Test Track projector mystery hose


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Does anyone have any idea what the turquoise hose is for next to the projector? By its twist, it looks like an air hose, but I cannot figure out what it would be for.

I work with these Panasonic projectors often, and they certainly do not require an air line going to them.

I took this photo in 2015


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I would agree with being able to remotely dust, but I would think if anything you would want the keep dust off the lenses and the hose tip does not seem to point at anything. The projectors are attached to very large and expensive scissor lifts that allow them to bring down the projectors to floor level with the push of a button for routine service and filter changes.
Also only one projector seems to have the hose (photo from opposite).

If it is some kind of fragrance or other sprayer, I doubt they would want it near the air intake of a $10,000 projector.


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I know a guy who was in charge of their installation. He probably knows.

My best guest is it's just a pneumatic scissor lift though.

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