Test Track at Night


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For me, the best time to do Test Track is at night.

One night, we ate at Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club and then we went back to EPCOT to watch Illuminations. At about 8:30, we decided to see if Test Track was still open because we had some time to kill. Believe it or not, it was open with a 5 minute wait. We went on it three times that night and on our last ride, we saw Illuminations from the outside part. It was so awesome. Now on every trip we make an effort to go on Test Track right before 9:00.


how many times can you go on , while illuminations is on, and you can't get a seat if you do that


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No, you can still ride that after 6:00. We have never taken a ride on TT during Illuminations, but I know we have after 6:00


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As with all the parks, when the park closes, a CM will 'get in line' at all the attractions to designate the last boarding.

If you aren't before the CM, you ain't gettin' on!

(Thats why it seems some rides are still going after close...people were waiting in the queue)

You can 'ride' TT during Illuminations, just have to time it really good...and I'm not sure how much you'll see doin' 65mph.

BTW...TT, M:S, HISTA, & SE are all open till park closing...9 pm.
There was a time when Test Track would stay open well past 9pm. I remember watching Illuminations in front of Italy. Once it was over we slowly started making our way to the front of the park. When we got past Mexico, we could still hear the cars running on the track so we headed over to TT and sure enough it was open and we got to get one last ride in. This was in back in '02. This last trip in '03 we went over to see if it was still open and that whole area was closed off.


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I think it all depends on the crowds at the time. In the same week we've seen TT open past 9 and also closed right after Illuminations.

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