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Tell me what YOU do in Nassau or at Sea days?


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Well we LOVED our September cruise SO much we just booked a January one! Last time we did Atlantis Aquaventure and since it was only a 3 day we didn't have any "at sea" days.
This time around we are looking for some cheaper excursions that are less time (Atlantis was EXPENSIVE! and we were away from the ship all day!).
And what about the "at sea" day, I assume they have lots going on? It is just my hubby and I, and while I can lay by the pool all day, he gets antsy!
I am planning at least one mixology/ and or tasting class while on board. But what else? give me some ideas!


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We are planning on possibly 2 seminars on our first at sea day and then Palo brunch and meet and greets on our second at sea day. We've been to Nassau twice and once we got off the ship and did the dolphin swim at Blue Lagoon and the second time we stayed on the ship and rode the AquaDuck, hung out by the pool and did a mixology. Actually, the two people I was traveling with and I were the only people in the 2pm mixology class. Apparently the 4pm had about 20 people! Also, hopefully our Anna and Elsa meet and greets will fall on an at sea day rather than a day we're scheduled to be off the ship at a port.

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