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Tell me about Thanksgiving Week....


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Have mostly done Summer month trips to Disney. The Father In Law is dead set on the family taking a Thanksgiving week trip. Probably looking at arriving Sunday and leaving day after Thanksgiving. Probably staying at either Beach Club or Boardwalk.

Ricky Spanish

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We went to WDW for Thanksgiving three or four years ago, Sunday til Saturday. It was great.
We usually go in June.
The weather is obviously better.
We didn’t think the crowds were that bad, Friday was probably the worst.


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I’d say it’s “heavy”...but a manageable heavy. It reminds me of the modern summer crowds...large, but hours and staffing help diffuse the crunch. And the weather is a huge plus.

What’s far worse are Jersey week, marathon week, and Mardi Gras week...where many more people are there than in the past but they don’t adjust the hours an staffing to help the experience...they are “ok” with uncomfortable mobs then.


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Just adding to say, while three or fours years ago that was true because I did a similar trip arriving the week of thanksgiving but leaving before the holiday and it wasn't horrible. But now the crowds don't necessarily wait for the holiday, that whole week is pretty crowded now.


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It's been a few years since we've done this, but we once arrived towards the end of the week before and had our last park day as the day before Thanksgiving. Tuesday was the first day we could feel crowds starting to really build and day before Thanksgiving was significantly heavier. I can't speak for day of and day after, but what we did experience was still lighter than what we've encountered week before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year's. It's really not too bad if you go in with a solid plan involving ADRs and FPs.

Gaston's gal

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It gets more crowded as the week goes on. We loved celebrating Thanksgiving at Epcot eating at the different food booths in each country. It made for a great feast! Get to the parks at rope drop every day and make sure you have a ADR each day for a break from the crowds. Enjoy!
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