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Tell me about Splitsville....


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I did a quick search and only found a few reviews from a couple of years ago. They seemed very positive. Is Splitsville still a good choice for some fun food? We are planning an evening away from the parks, but something fun for us and the kids (9 & 17) .


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The Sushi is really good when we ate there a few years ago. Just never had time to make it back yet but would go eat there again if we have time. :)

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They seem to be the only ones showing NCAAF or NFL games, so if that's important...there you go. They have some live entertainment outside (and obviously bowling inside). The Frozen drinks are good the food is good (nothing spectacular but good). If you sit outside it is great for people watching. Times I've been there I have stuck to the Burger.


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We ate there about a year ago. The food was pretty good! We shared some kind of cheese fries; I had one of the teriyaki bowls. The mixed drinks were delicious! It was a lot of fun. I would recommend it if you're spending some time in Downtown Disney/Disney Springs!

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