Tell me about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party


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This will be the first time we will experience Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We have done the Christmas party in the past. Is it similar or totally different. Please tell me your impressions.

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It's similar...but different. Special photo opportunities with special Halloween backgrounds. Character meet and greets are still there but obviously in Halloween gear. Jack and Sally are the big ones to get with long lines. There is a castle show with the Hocus Pocus sisters. Fireworks obviously. And the parade. EASILY my favorite parade at WDW. It starts off with the headless horseman riding (fast!!) through the streets with his pumpkin head in his hands. Then the rest of the parade follows. Definitely the best parade music I enjoy. Characters all dressed up. Some great dancers with shovels that make sparks on the ground is a cool effect. And then you have the trick or treating. There are stations setup all around the park and they give handfuls of (really good!) candy to everyone. When we did it, we ended up with like 5+ pounds of candy. I have seen people there with pillow cases full. You can just keep going through the lines to get as much as you want. People usually post pictures of it all dumped on their hotel beds and it's ALOT OF CANDY. And of course everyone (mostly) is dressed up in costumes. Even a lot of the adults to some extent. And the short ride lines if you want to do those during party time. Except Haunted Mansion. It can get long. Christmas party wasn't that great for us. Halloween party was our favorite and we will definitely do it again.

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We did the Christmas party a few years ago and the Halloween party last year (twice). I liked the Halloween party much better because it was not near as crowded and I got to walk around the park dressed as Peter Pan. :) I've read that in recent years the crowds aren't near as bad for the Christmas party as they were when we were there (2018?), although I don't plan to find out again.

They start letting party guests into the park at 4:00pm but we were at the MK all day because we heard there would be a big crowd waiting at the gate for the party and we didn't want to have to mess with all that. We rented a locker to store our costumes (wife was Tinker Bell) and about 45 minutes before 4:00pm we retrieved our costumes and changed into our party outfits. I saw the big crowd waiting outside the gates.

Here's one hint on getting lots of candy without having to walk very far to get it. If you walk toward Space Mountain and go to the left past their gift shop between Space Mountain and the Speedway there's sort of a back alley that ends up in front of TRON. As you navigate that alley there are three candy dispense stands setup. By the time you get to the exit of the alley your candy bag will be nearly half full, at least that's how it was for me.
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It's quite a lot of fun. They usually have special meet and greets with characters that are not usually in the parks during the day. So much fun for parents and children alike! They hand out so much candy. So much fun! They also do special projections on the castle for the event. And they also do special things at the Haunted Mansion for the event. It can be so great fun to ride all of the rides at night as well. Hope y'all have a fun time on your trip!
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Having been to both events , if I had one to choose spending my money on it would be MNSSHP. Definitely more things to see and do and a better line up of events. ( The candy haul and observing the many unique costumes that guests come up with adds to it.) . Others have covered pretty well what it all entails. If you are going figure out in advance what characters you want to line up for, some are more popular and theres longer wait times, and get a good parade viewing spot early.
My DS has never been to one and I'm taking him to his first MNSSHP this October.
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It's been a little while since I was at MNSSHP but since I finally experienced MVMCP, I can finally compare!

I pick Halloween. And I'm not a Halloween person! While I don't care for the villains or the candy, the vibes of the party are much more enjoyable. I like the food better. I like the excitement better. The ride choices for the holiday theming is also just better. Characters are somewhat the same. They wear different costumes; Seven Dwarfs are in their normal clothes, Mickey and Friends wear Halloween costumes, etc. But you can see characters who are "autumn/Halloween" themed other than the villains.

No idea how Disney classifies that, by the way.

The food is often really great. You can see a lot of characters you haven't seen out in a long time. The magic shots for photopass are often something I actually want. Boo to You is one of my favorite parades. I think MVMCP has nicer merch (though this year looks like MNSSHP did a great job), but... that's really it. I'm just going to repeat the things everyone else says, really.
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