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Team Cap: SYWTBAI Season 14, Project Two Open Brainstorming


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Season 14, Project Two: The Centrifuge Brain Reborn
Based on the Carnival Ride project from Season Seven: Fans vs. Favorites

"We've had setbacks, but I wouldn't say it was a mistake. The mistake was nature. Gravity was the mistake. We fight the forces that hold us down, and our whole life is an effort to escape from reality."
-Dr. Nick Lasowicz speaking about the mission statement of the original "Centrifuge Brain Project" after the experiment was shuttered in 2003.

This project takes homage from one of the most simplistic concepts we've ever done during a very memorable season...the carnival ride project. That being said, this is a freaking fantastic group of creative minds we have playing here, so @MANEATINGWREATH decided were going to kick it up a notch. My Alfred Pennyworth avatar was meant to tease "Butler Amusements", a carnival ride manufacturer. In this project however, you're going to go above and beyond and push the limits of creativity.

The year is 2017. It's been 14 years since the last ride was developed as part of the underground "Centrifguge Brain Project", an experiment developed by Doctor Nick Lasowicz to test the limits of what carnival rides can do to the human brain, and how they can actually enhance and expand them. What came out of the centrifuge brain experiment were some of the most mind-blowing thrills the world has ever seen. So mind-blowing in fact, that they only ever appeared in a few select traveling carnivals to the public and only rare video footage of them exists to prove their existence.

The project was shut down rather unceremoniously, and Doctor Lasowicz has been a recluse to the scientific community ever since. That being said, Doctor Lasowicz has contacted MEW and I to help in revising his long-shelved projects, and truly pushing the limits. It's been 14 years since the last ride designed as part of the experiment and theme park technology has come a long way since then. With Doctor Lasowicz's resources, the potential is limitless. What are his resources? Well that's very secretive, and up to you to find out via the hints laid out in the documentary. Doctor Lasowicz will not be having any interaction with the teams. This is merely a test to see what a strong group of creative minds can come up with when inspired by his creations.

One last thing...the key to Walt's Vault was passed along to @Pionmycake in cake who has indeed decided to open it. By opening it he has unleashed the Extra Credit twist. Instead of creating one carnival ride for the Centrifuge Brain Project, you'll be creating up to five. Focus on a main ride with the others being considered extra credit. The additional attractions, should you chose to submit them, will be graded on a flat /5 grading scale by MEW and I making the extra credit worth up to 20 additional points to the 50 possible with the usual grading rubric.

And that's all folks. Good luck teams. This project is due Saturday, February 18th at 11:59 PM Eastern/8:59 PM Pacific.


I majored in neuro and psych in college...so a project designed to test the limits of the human brain? Even though it's a mockumentary...I'll be able to help in that regard:p

This is a shorter project than last time, so by tonight we should decide on a team leader and I'll toss out some ideas. The team leader can't be Cranium since he was team leader last time....and since Red and I were Assistants to the Regional Team Leader for the final 24 hours of last project...the team leader shouldn't be us either.


Some ideas:

A Lab Mouse Experiment -- using the typical carnival mouse ride...but being shrunk down to the size of a rat and having to do spatial memory tests. The mouse cars zip around the maze, and are "zapped" when they make a wrong turn.

1,000 ft Fire Ball

12 Gs going from 0-200 mph up the fire ball, only to dangle upside down 1,000 feet above the ground. The blood rushes back to your head if you fell unconscious and then you race back down to the starting point.

Idk if this counts -- but this would be the easiest one personally...a giant Fun Maze -- with a bunch of psychological effects in it.


My thoughts for this is there are 7 people...1 main ride, and up to 4 extra credit rides.

Having 7 people all work on one carnival ride could get very crowded, so if we have 5 solid ideas...have 3 people work on the main ride to ensure that it is sufficient enough in detail, presentation, etc -- to be called the "main" ride -- and then have 4 individuals write up their own concepts.

For instance I know nothing of escape rooms. And if nobody but Kmb knows about escape rooms -- then that could be an attraction he does solo (this is just an example to show my thought process)

This way it would be as efficient as possible -- and would help our teamwork grade as well because everyone would be contributing a decent amount to the project. And everyone gets what they want to do.


Also last round we had 11 days...so we had more time to let things sit and think on it.

This round -- we do not have that luxury, so ideally by tonight we could have our attraction ideas (at least in rough form) that would make it easier to divide up.

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