TDL: Personal Info on Annual Pass Holders Leaked


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Tokyo Disney Resort leaked personal info on annual pass holders

URAYASU, Chiba -- Personal information on some 140,000 individuals who have purchased annual admission passes to Tokyo Disney Resort has been leaked to outsiders, their operator said.

Oriental Land Co. that operates Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu received phone calls from a suspicious man urging the company to buy a list containing personal information on its customers.

The company has so far confirmed that personal information on at least 16 customers has leaked.

The company has filed a criminal complaint with police, accusing the caller of attempted extortion, while asking guests to exercise caution.

It has also set up an in-house fact-finding committee headed by President Toshio Kagami and will regularly announce the results of its investigation.

Ten customers who purchased annual admission passes to Tokyo Disney Resort received suspicious phone calls in late December last year, asking them to remit membership fees into an account before their passes expire, Oriental Land officials said. However, the company does not accept any admission fees in such a bank account.

Oriental Land also received three phone calls on Dec. 29 from a man who claimed he had bought an annual admission pass. He claimed that he had a list of personal information on Disney customers, and threatened to reveal to the media that the list had leaked to outsiders unless the company bought the list. He then identified six people on the list.

Of the 16 people whose personal information was leaked, the annual passes of six have already expired.

The list carries the names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, ______, dates of purchase and sites of purchases, expiration dates and photos.

After receiving application forms from customers, full-time or part-time employees input such information into a computer system in a room that is monitored around-the-clock by a surveillance camera.

Only four employees are allowed to manage the database, which is not accessible from outside.

The company currently employs about 2,400 full-time employees and some 18,000 part-time workers. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Jan. 5, 2005)


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Well, the article says only FOUR people have access to the list. So I guess four CMs at TDL are getting hooked up to lie detector tests as we speak. :lol:

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