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News Target coming to Walt Disney World and Disney Store shop-in-shop coming to Target stores


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Target is coming to Walt Disney World

Target and Disney are coming together for a project that includes the launch of 25 Disney stores within select Target stores nationwide on October 4, with 40 additional locations opening by October 2020.
The “shop-in-shop” will feature an enhanced Disney assortment of more than 450 items, including more than 100 products that were previously only available at Disney retail locations.


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I thought I heard the WDW Target awkwardly announced. Thanks for confirming. It was so quick. Almost seemed like a slip that wasn't supposed to come out. Anyone know more?


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So can we assume a small Target Store will be going on the other side of Cirque or is there another location they are thinking?


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I guess this makes sense since people aren't really going into actual malls much these days.

Does anyone know if they plan to eventually phase out mall retail Disney stores?


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i like target...no complaints here
I like Barnes and Noble but I don’t want to see it in DS. They have done such a good job of different restaurants and shopping locations in DS, some of the shops that do nothing for me but others enjoy, just don’t want it looking to much like a local mall. Levi’s and a few others are bringing it to that point. Let’s keep it unique IMO.
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