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Swan and Dolphin: Your thoughts and opinions

DH and I are DVC members and pass holders. However, last year we were using all our points on a 2 bed for the last 8 days of our stay as we had friends joining us. So, we needed a place to stay for a week!

We were coming over from the UK and priced up all of the Disney hotels. We love the boardwalk area so decided to check out the rates for S&D on Booking.com. We got a fantastic deal that was not much more expensive than staying at a Disney moderate - yet it was in our preferred location with the ability to walk to Epcot and HS! Fantastic!

We don’t have a car when there so did not have to worry about parking charges. We knew about the Resort fee and were prepared for it. Imagine our surprise when we discovered it had already been included in the rate advertised by the booking website!

We were able to waive housekeeping and got enough vouchers in return to pay for breakfast every morning. Bonus!

The rooms (and bed) were extremely comfortable! We found the amenities within the hotel to be great! No complaints at all.

I would definitely stay there again!

As a side note, for the UK visitors, the hotel rooms carry ALL sports channels! We were able to watch every football match that was on (that’s Soccer to the Americans) from the comfort of our hotel room! Fab!

The only slight negative was the email we received a couple of weeks ago saying that our personal details may have been stolen during the recent hack at Starwood! First World problems!
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