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News Swan and Dolphin Tower Expansion - The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve


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As an Atlanta resident, I can definitely say this targeted ad campaign is highly effective.
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I still think this structure is intrusive and uninspired, joining a growing club amongst the likes of BLT, Riviera, Gran Destino, Kidani (not the whole thing, just the stupid unfinished part closest to Jambo House), and GF's villa building.

So after all that, is it wrong to admit I kind of want to stay there? The rooms look nicer than Swan & Dolphin, and I imagine the breakfast spot (if they're able to offer free breakfast to elites again) will beat Garden Grove. I also expect the AC to be more reliable.

Finally, as with these other towers, you don't have to see the whole thing once you're inside.
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TJ Vazquez

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Not sure where to put this question, but has anyone here booked a stay here yet and have you been able to link it to your Disney Experience successfully?


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The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve to open in July, reservations open now for September 1​

Small update - site now shows an August opening (reservations still open September 1st).

Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 9.41.44 AM.png



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Saw in in person this week.

IMO #1 - it looks awful from the roads. It is hulking, obtrusive, and not all that interesting to look at.

IMO #2 - it very nearly earns a pass from the resorts/parks side because the large glass façade nearly disappears into the skyline. If the covered patio and roof mechanicals were not bright white you could almost forget it was there during the day. (This does make me wonder though if it will just appear as a big glowing cube at night when guests are back in their rooms.)

Also, how are they not giving deeply discounted or even free vouchers for mini-golf? It is literally the only convenient thing to walk to given this resort placement.


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While Swerve is the farthest crescent lake hotel from Epcot, it is the same walking distance to DHS as the Swolphin. B&Y is definitely much further from DHS than Swerve.

Is it ok if I (playfully) argue that walking to DHS and EPCOT from Swolphinserve honestly is not that much of a selling point? Like it is something I will do, but I never actually "enjoy" it. I wish they had golf cart shuttles or something.


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It is also a shorter walk to DHS from the All Star Movies than walking from Wilderness Lodge...
The Reserve is not close enough to call that a perk... Now if it came with it's own designated Elon Musk Shuttle Loop, then you have something....But now it is just another hotel on the highway, disconnected from the actual amenities by a busy road to cross. Save your money and stay at the actual Swan instead...

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