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Rumor Swan and Dolphin Tower Expansion - Height Balloon Testing by Fantasia Gardens


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IBC 2015 (International Building Code) states hotels/motels category requires 1 parking spot per unit plus 1 spot for every 500 square feet of common area.

Now the EPCOT Building Code may differ, in which case @lazyboy97o would probably know.
EPCOT Building Code does not contain parking requirements. Instead, parking is specified in the RCID Land Development Regulations. Hotels/Motels (without monorail) require “1 per guest room, plus if applicable, 1 per 200 sq. ft. of floor area used for convention and meeting purposes (excluding lobbies, pre-function areas, and restrooms).” There are separate requirements for monorail hotels and Value Resorts.

The Land Development Regulations are available on the Reedy Creek Improvement District website if anyone is eager to read all of the various parking requirements in Table 4-40-1. Spoiler, theme parks require a parking study.

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Fantasia seems to primarily be walk ins from the Boardwalk area anytime I’ve gone. I’ve never really seen more than a few cars in the lot at a time, even with a full course and an hour plus wait. And I’ve played a couple hundred rounds there over the years.
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