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Surprise Family


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My wife, two kids and I are going to surprise my sister and her family in Disney World. My brother in law knows about it so I we are in the same hotel and have dinner reservations at the same time.

I am just looking to see if anyone has ideas that might be a way to surprise them.


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Knock on their hotel door, she opens it and you say, "Surprise!"...


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A few years ago, friends of ours that we hadn't seen for awhile surprised us by getting the adjoining room next to us. I had told them we were going to be staying at the CBR and how excited I was. They told us to have a great trip. I was totally surprised when they knocked on the adjoining door to our room and were staying the same week as we were. :)


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We were texting friends of ours on what they were doing at the parks, etc. then we were able to pretty much follow behind them and started to talk about things/people in the same area until they finally turned around and saw us there.

Dave Ber

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We met at a ride exit and surprised our family, we were coming off of the Safari at AK and we were waiting for them under the covering, they were in shock!!!!!
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