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Sunglass Icon now open at DTD


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Greetings all from the geek labs

HEY who needs another pair of $300 sunglasses to lose???

Sunglass Icon now is open at Downtown Disney West Side.

This new merchandise location, which replaced Celebrity Eyeworks, offers styles available from many of the top sunglass manufacturers, including:
-- Oakley
-- Maui Jim
-- Ray-Ban
-- Gucci
-- Versace
-- Guess

The shop showcases glasses in special display towers that allow Guests to touch and feel the product.

The shop also offers watches, backpacks, hats and basic eyeglass-repair services.

Cast Members get a 10 percent discount on merchandise.


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I don't understand why they changed the store, the store store design is UGLY to say the least. The displays at target are nicer LOL!!!


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I stopped by there last Sunday. Cheapest sunglasses there were like $20. Saw a pair of Dolace & Gabana shades that I liked but they were like $185. Yikes! I can get ones that look almost exactly like them for $9.99 at Target.

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