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Sum of All Thrills Returning?


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And as much as I'm not a fan of IPs in Epcot for just the sake of having them, this attraction, if expanded could easily incorporate Big Hero 6 characters as the instructors in the demo videos.


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There was a recent picture showing everythin still in place.
Yeah, from the looks of it nothing was ever taken out of the area. At some points the lights were even on, supposedly for testing.



Being able to walk through that entire side of Innoventions again would be sick.


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I was amazed when I was in the zombified Innoventions this past June to see that the ride was completely intact and fully visible. One would think if the buildings are coming down (still not so sure if that's really happening) that the rest of the space would be gutted in preparation.


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I'm all for having something else to do in Epcot. This ride really ate the crowds. And by eat the crowds, I mean have an extremely long line due to poor capacity. More arms would be a huge welcome.
Also, I still have the cards from the first year this ride opened. Should they still work or did they change them at some point?

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