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I am already looking at next years trip. We are planning for the last couple weeks of August 2016. Usually we stay at Pop and it works great with me, my husband and young daughter. However, next year we are bringing my niece and my Dad. My Dad will get his own room. My niece is 12, she will be in our room, and I'm thinking the beds will be cramped. I was thinking of maybe getting a king size bed room and then either requesting two roll away beds or bringing an air mattress. Not sure if the rooms are big enough for this though.
I'm also toying with the idea of a moderate resort (POFQ) with bigger beds, but they are not as affordable, and I would feel bad for my dad paying for a huge room just for himself.
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My family has stayed in Pop with 4 people comfortably. I was a teen and my brother was probably 10 or so. I think you could fit an air mattress on the ground fine, but it would be a chore to maneuver around it at times. If that doesn't bother you guys, I'd say go for it. Maybe even request a connecting room so you can pop over to your Dad's easily.


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My group usually consists of a 55, 25, 22 and 20 year olds and we are all on the tall and large side and we all fit comfortably in to Pop Century so it shouldn't be a problem.


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When our kids were younger we stayed at Pop no problem. We each took a kid. Now we are not comfortable at all. I'm curious how you sleep when it is the 3 of you. If you and your husband can sleep in that size bed the girls should be fine. Personally I need my space and my husband is a light sleeper so I feel in can't move when we are in that small of a bed.

I was there a couple of weeks ago with my 2 Teenage children. Hubby couldn't get off work. I had the idea of king bed and air mattress. I was told you couldn't get a king with more than 2 in room. I was also told you could get a rollaway if one was available at check in. You could not request ahead.

We ended up taking the air mattress. It worked perfectly. Twin size. We moved the table to the left of the dresser and used that area for Air bed. We cooled room during the day and turned air off right at bedtime so it wasn't blowing in my daughter. We were on ground floor. That might not have worked on a higher floor.

A larger air mattress would have made it difficult. We felt we were money ahead because it was like $15 plus tax Per night for rollaway and spent $42 on air mattress and still have it.


My family always brings an air mattress when we go. It's a little tight, but a twin sized mattress will fit in the POP rooms w/ the two double beds.

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Something we've done in the past to get more room at Pop is to push the two beds closer together. They slide relatively easily; at worst, two adults should be able to do it. We move the nightstand and push the beds towards the wall near the bathroom; this makes the area by the door much roomier. We use it as stroller parking, but I'd bet you could even fit a queen airbed in the space. The headboards are attached to the wall, so you know where to move the beds back to when you're done.

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Unless they are bigger than average, I'd say your daughter and niece will be fine in a bed together. DH and I and our 2 kids fit fine in the beds at Pop.

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