Stuff that Hall of Presidents has on loan (NOT the ones in the lobby, though)


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In "Hall of Presidents" at WDW, the lobby (at least, since obama's 2009 refurbishment) all has artifacts lent by historical societies and presidential libraries including some suits worn by earlier presidents like Washington.

On set, are there (or were) some stuff on loan from people other than Disney themselves?
We all know since the final years of the Reagan era (c. 1986-1989), Jimmy Carters suit was changed from that one bland gray suit (what even happened to that bland gray suit after it was replaced) to one that resembled more of the President, thanks to Rosalynne Carter donating a proper suit for the figure after seeing the show and calling the gray suit "ugly".

Initially, when it first debuted, President Bill clinton's suit and watch were purportedly actual ones that Bill Clinton himself lent (apparently, from seeing forum posts and online blog posts). I believe whey were replaced during his second term with different ones for maintenance to give them back to Clinton.

Apparently, President Barack Obama's suit from the initial years the animatronic performed was also lent by Mr. Obama unless it was maintenance with the suit changing.

Also, were those extra plants, the two columns, or that huge model of the U.S. Capitol Dome (removed during the 2017 Trump renovations, and the U.S. Capitol Dome looks like the one from the 1964-1973 rendition of at Disneyland/Worlds Fair) loaned from others or made by Disney?


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I find it hard to believe the suits were lent to Disney because in order to dress the animatronics, they usually have to cut up the suit to allow them to easily put on and take off the suit. Not to mention, I'm sure the suits will get stained with hydraulic fluid and general grime over time. I would love to know more about some of these details though!

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