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Struggling to book Crystal Palace...

Brit Girl Lynne

Original Poster
I’ve been trying to book breakfast (family tradition) for a month now for two dates - 24th and/or 30th November. It’s coming up with nothing for the three of us. I’ve never had this before 🤔 I’m looking daily for availability, but nothing’s coming up. Does anyone know why there’s nothing? I’ve signed up for alerts on mouse dining. Even had an alert come up for V and A which completely threw me 😂😂😂 Didn’t take it in the end so kind of regretting that one 🙁
Any tips/hints/thoughts 😬😬😬
No idea why you’re having trouble, but we’ve always had good luck with the touring plans reservation finder. You need an account, but there’s a free option.

Brit Girl Lynne

Original Poster
I’m trying every day - I know that people cancel and change plans, so hoping for a cheeky last minute road in 😬

I’ve tried the booking for 4, still nothing. Also tried booking for 2 but couldn’t decide if I ditched husband or son....bit of a dilemma that one, depending on how much either of them annoyed me 🤔

Not tried ringing yet. Need to pick my times on that one - the time difference often sees me saying good afternoon when it’s still morning for you guys. I need to ring to book the Segway tour so I’ll pick everything up together 👍🏻
I think it has to do with “magical enhancements”. Keep trying, especially the week before your trip!!
Try booking for 4.
You might try calling 407-939-5277. Quite often the cast members can see things on their system that don't seem to show up on MDE.


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Sorry, I didn't pay enough attention to your name to realize you are most likely in the UK. That makes calling a little more complicated (and expensive) but it might be worth it if nothing else works out.
If you have not had success otherwise, call the restaurant directly once you arrive at WDW. We have had success as late as the night before when they had a cancellation.
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