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Stroller Suggestion


Original Poster
Looking for a good lightweight stroller to take to the parks when we go with our 1 year old in September. Open to any suggestions. Thanks!


In the Parks
Look into the Graco Travelite—it’s awesome for Disney! We took our Chicco Cortina stroller on our first trip with our oldest. That thing, while I loved it for regular everyday use, was a pain in the rear end for having to get on and off Disney transportation. On our last trip, our youngest was 2 and I wanted something that folded fast and was easier to get on and off the buses/monorail/etc. The Travelite fit the bill and I wound up retiring my Chicco when we got back in favor of the Graco. It’s not super expensive either.


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I have a Joovy and I LOVE it. I forget which model I have, but it folds up like an umbrella stroller and has a little bar to stand up and also a carrying strap to make my life easier. The seat also reclines all the way down and the part under their legs can be moved up so they can lay down comfortably. The canopy is huge which is another bonus. My only complaint with it is that it didn't come with a tray for the baby so I had to order one online.


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I’m a big fan of the baby jogger city mini. It’s sturdy. Big enough without being enormous. Great shade and recline.
We did just buy a Mountain Buggy Nano second-hand to use for our trip in July (not canceled yet, but seems inevitable...) so I can’t say how well it works in-park, but it’s been great around town. It folds small enough to fit in the overhead of the plane and reclines well. The only drawback is the shade. It’s decent but not fantastic.


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Uppababy Minu! It pushes like a dream(even with. 4yo), folds with one hand, Has a great shoulder strap to keep your hand free, can go in the overhead compartment of an airplane (minus Frontier:cautious:, Southwest it’s fine) and still had a nice basket underneath to store things! It’s on the expensive side but beyond worth it not only for Disney but just around town!


New Member
We use a normal Graco stroller, it's not huge but it has a super easy one handed fold up capability which is why I love it. It's large enough to carry our stuff if we get tired, but easy enough to move quickly on and off buses / boats etc.

I should look into some of these mini ones as our daughter is getting more into the toddler stage.


I’m travelling from the UK in September and not taking a stroller on the flight due to the logistics nightmare and the little one not really needing it any more ! Plans are to buy a cheap one from any store out there when we arrive if and when we need to do so ! Anybody used this as a viable option before ?


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While my kids are now too old to recommend a current stroller, I would suggest that whatever you get has the following:
  • A footrest for the child
  • A tray for Mom/Dad to put a drink or Phone or whatever.
  • Reclining
  • A top for Sun/Rain cover
  • A basket Underneath to put stuff
  • Easily collapsible and open-able.
I tried an umbrella stroller on the first trip and it was awful. The smaller stroller we bought(that had all of the above) for the next trip was great and that actually took over as our day to day stroller instead of the big Travel stroller.

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